2019 Speedo Sectionals Buffalo: FISH Takes Lead

Photo Courtesy: UB Swimming & Diving Facebook

By Ryan Gibbons, Swimming World College Intern.

With one day left in the 2019 Buffalo Speedo Sectionals, The Fish have taken a commanding lead, with their 871 points ahead of Radnor Aquatic Club’s 561 points and Cougar Aquatic Team’s 469.5. The evening’s schedule of the 200 Fly, 50 Free, 200 Breast, and 400 IM, set the group up for a fierce final day of competition on Sunday.

The Fish led the women’s meet with a commanding 556 points, more than double second position’s Radnor at 254 points and Westchester Aquatic Club’s 227 points. Cougar Aquatic Team sat at 201 points, followed by Retriever Aquatic Club with 196 points.

In the men’s pool, The Fish held a narrow lead, with their 315 points sitting ahead of Radnor’s 307. The pair are set for a long battle through Sunday’s events as each vie for the Sectionals team title, ahead of Cougar’s 268.5 points, Clifton Park-Halfmoon Piranhas’ 256 points, and Star Swimming’s 204.5 points.

Women’s 200 Fly

Megan Deuel of VICT took a 2:15.32 win in the opening event, significantly ahead of the rest of the pack. Following her was CAT’s Carlee Sanchez-Hegarthy (2:22.17) and RAC’s Sarah Daly (2:23.19).

Behind them were IA’s Megan Donnelly (2:24.43), CAT’s Elizabeth Murray (2:25.40), KW’s Sophie Shao (2:26.47), FISH’s Kelly Derasmo (2:28.17), and RAD’s Grace Myers (2:28.39).

Men’s 200 Fly

The evening’s first Sectionals title in the men’s pool was taken by STAR’s Owen Matteson, in a 2:08.35, just ahead of CCSC’s Eli Germain (2:08.72). Patrick Flint of CAT took third with a 2:11.66.

Also in the top eight were LESD’s David Bocci (2:13.21), RAC’s Benjamin Crone (2:13.29), LESD’s Samuel Deemer (2:13.88), FISH’s Ignat Miagkov (2:14.94), and ISWM’s Carter Anderson (2:15.18).

Women’s 50 Free

COND’s Christiana Regenauer took the women’s sprint with a commanding 26.20, touching in ahead of VAS’s Olivia Trojbon (26.98) and JCCS’s Olivia Livingston (27.01).

The A Final was rounded out by Tonio Papapertrou (27.18), RAC’s Makaela Hill (27.28), FISH’s Grace Cutrell (27.31), FISH’s Allison Martin (27.48), and CCSC’s Madeline King (27.77).

Men’s 50 Free

Andrew Chetcuti‘s 23.47 win in the 50 Free was more than a second ahead of the rest of the pack, placing him in a commanding lead. Behind him were FISH’s Aiken Do (24.42) and RAC’s Ryan Harding (24.52).

Following them were Alexey Kolishchak (24.75), RAD’s Nicholas Mlodzienski (24.78), VAS’s Erick Linseisen (25.09), JETS’s Alexander Hiltbrand (25.12), and CPP’s Theodore Bearor (25.31).

Women’s 200 Breast

LESD’s Laura Goettler hit the pads in a 2:38.71, followed in her lead by Catherine Craig (2:40.20) and FISH’s Dora Wu (2:43.97).

Behind them were KW’s Peri Gaguzis (2:44.06), STAR’s Jessica Humby (2:44.88), FISH’s Skylar Sunderhauf (2:45.64), CAT’s Carlee Sanchez-Hegarty (2:46.08), and RAD’s Anna Kalandadze (2:47.10).

Men’s 200 Breast

Stopping the clock was RAD’s David Abrahams in a 2:17.79, followed by James Goodman in a 2:20.37 and CAT’s Eric Wang in a 2:25.85.

Closing out the Championship Final were also Benjamin Bauchwitz (2:28.51), FISH’s Aiken Do (2:30.82), RAD’s Matthew Gray (2:31.72), VICT’s Thomas Chapman (2:32.32), and FISH’s Ignat Miagkov (2:33.30).

Women’s 400 IM

The final women’s event of the evening was dominated by LESD’s Abigail Hay, who stopped the clock in a 4:56.98. Behind her were WEST’s Alexandra Bastone (5:08.58) and CAT’s Devon Muldoon (5:09.52).

Also in the last A Final of the night were KW’s Peri Gaguzis (5:10.51), IA’s Savannah Sargent (5:11.33), FISH’s Allison Martin (5:12.97), Catherine Craig (5:13.50), and FISH’s Skylar Sunderhauf (5:17.80).

Men’s 400 IM

The final heat of the night featured VICT’s Thomas Chapman taking a 4:44.74 win, ahead of CAT’s Patrick Flint (4:47.30) and RAD’s Matthew Gray (4:49.52).

Behind them were FISH’s Ignat Miagkov (4:51.13), CCSC’s Eli Germain (4:54.63), STAR’s Maxim Kruglov (4:54.79), and STAR’s Ian Hewett (5:02.30). (VAS’s Erik Linseisen was disqualified.)


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    Buffalo Wing

    Radnor’s David Abrahams makes Olympic Trials in 200 BR, but there’s no record of it in the article. Report the real news, not the Fish #FakeNews

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    Buffalo Wing

    Radnor’s David Abrahams makes Olympic Trials in 200 BR, but there’s no record of it in the article. Report the real news, not the Fish #FakeNews

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      I agree

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      This is egregious that Mr. Abrams accomplishment was not acknowledged and I will stop reviving your magazine from now on

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      David Abrahams is a swim god and he should have his own article. This is an outrage! The Fish are not that special #dandeLION

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      The anti-fish fan club

      I personally care about future olympians not random fish swimmers. I do not support this article.

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        The anti-fish fan club

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      Hi folks,

      We’re very excited for Mr. Abraham’s performance, and send our best wishes to him and Radnor Aquatics. We’re sorry that we missed his cut in the article, but please sympathize with us that as we work to cover all 12 sectionals in a very short period of time – in addition to both NCAA meets, NCSA, and many other competitions – that we work quickly around the clock to provide as many athletes as possible an opportunity to be covered. Similarly, as we were not able to find published Hy-Tek PDF results, no results we had noted any cuts achieved by the swimmers, and while going through 16 events in one evening across two meets, it’s very difficult to find every Trials cut for each event. I meant no disrespect to David, and we’re legitimately very excited for his accomplishment – we will always try to acknowledge Trials cuts whenever possible, but when multiple are achieved in a night for us some can become difficult to find. (I would have certainly included the notation had I been aware of it.)

      Please send my best regards and apologies to David, and congrats on a phenomenal meet to all!

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