2019 Speedo Sectionals Buffalo Day 2: Donohoe, Goettler Shine

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

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By Taylor Covington, Swimming World College Intern. 

The 2019 Speedo Sectionals in Buffalo continued on Friday with multiple upsets and blazing times, as swimmers took the Northeast by storm.

Madelyn Donohoe led the charge again tonight, sweeping the freestyle events to prove herself as one of the nation’s top recruits. She did this alongside her teammate Aiken Do, who took the men’s fly with ease.

Laura Goettler set the bar in the women’s breaststroke with a winning time of 1:14.53, while Graham Chatoor’s  victory in the 400 free ended the night on a high note.

Women 200 Free

The Fish’s Madelyn Donohoe nabbed her second individual win, as she dropped over two and a half seconds from prelims to beat Westchester Aquatic Club’s Kristin Cornish (2:07.27) with an incredible time of 2:04.75. Cape Cod Swim Club’s Madeline King (2:09.47) broke her way into the top three, just ahead of Sailfish’s Olivia Livingston (2:11.68).

Westchester’s Alexandra Bastone put forth a valiant effort at the finish, out-touching Westchester’s Tessa Mock (2:11.86) with a time of 2:11.78. Islanders Aquatics Madison Sargent dropped an impressive swim of her own, posting a 2:13.67 ahead of her teammate Megan Donnelly (2:13.71).

Men 200 Free

Unattached Graham Chatoor (1:56.04) took things by storm on the men’s side, taking the race by over two seconds ahead of Vermont Aquatic’s Erik Linseisen (1:58.12). Linseisen bumped Retriever Aquatic Club’s Ryan Harding (1:58.23) from his second seed to third, as he out-touched Retriever Aquatic Club’s Benjamin Crone (1:58.41) at the finish. Swim Ithaca’s Carter Anderson (1:58.95) jumped a few placements himself, beating out Clifton Park-Halfmoon Piranhas’ Theodore Bearor (2:00.84), Cougar Aquatic Team’s Patrick Flint (2:01.00), and Granite Gators’ Sean Neuman (2:01.95).

Women 100 Breast

Lake Erie Silver Dolphins’ Laura Goettler preserved her position at the top, posting a 1:14.53 to seize the win despite a 1.62 second add from prelims. The Fish’s Dora Wu (1:15.02) touched in at second ahead of Cougar Aquatic Team’s Carlee Sanchez-Hegarty (1:15.70)

Radnor Aquatic Club’s Anna Kalandadze (1:16.58) saw improvement from this morning, as she beat out  Islanders Aquatics Savannah Sargent (1:17.60), Granite Gators’ Anne Farr (1:17.92), Fox Chapel Killer Whales’ Devan Taylor (1:18.00), and Town Wreckers’ Elle Noecker (1:18.68).

Men 100 Breast

Radnor Aquatic Club’s David Abrahams established his presence with an outstanding 1:04.16 to edge out  Unattached Thomas Gallup (1:04.44). Unattached James Goodman followed close behind, posting a 1:04.76 to attain a healthy lead ahead of The Fish’s Aiken Do (1:05.63). Radnor Aquatic Club’s Antonio Octaviano rounded out the top five with a 1:06.94, claiming a spot ahead of Cougar Aquatic Team’s Eric Wang (1:07.32), Unattached Geoff Wells (1:07.65), and Victor Swim Club’s Thomas Chapman (1:08.60).

Women 100 Fly

Condors Swim Club’s Christiana Regenauer (1:01.63) fell to Victor Swim Club’s Megan Deuel (1:01.55) in a tight race to the finish, where Deuel proved victorious despite her second-place seed going into this evening. Lake Erie Silver Dolphins swimmer Abigail Hay (1:03.41) saw a slight addition to her time from this morning and landed at third ahead of Unattached Sotiria Neofytou (1:04.18),Cougar Aquatic Team’s Carlee Sanchez-Hegarty (1:05.01), and Retriever Aquatic Club’s Sarah Daly (1:05.84). The Fish’s Allison Martin (1:05.98) and Islanders Aquatics’ Megan Donnelly (1:06.93) rounded out the top heat.

Men 100 Fly

The Fish’s Aiken Do (58.26) faced a similar upset, as  Retriever Aquatic Club’s Benjamin Crone came from behind and took the win with a time of 57.92. Lake Erie Silver Dolphins’ Samuel Deemer made heads turn to the outside lanes, as he touched in third with a time of 58.76. His teammate, David Bocci, improved his time from this morning, racing to a 58.76 finish ahead of Cape Cod Swim Club’s Eli Germain (59.03) and  Radnor Aquatic Club’s Nicholas Mlodzienski (59.38). Retriever Aquatic Club’s Ryan Harding sprinted to a 59.75 finish ahead of Cougar Aquatic Team’s Patrick Flint (1:00.06).

Women 100 Back

Victor Swim Club’s Megan Deuel finished up an impressive individual schedule for the night, as she left the field with her 1:04.14, over two seconds faster than Cougar Aquatic Team’s Devon Muldoon (1:06.32). The Fish’s Annalise Cornett left smoke in the outside lanes, as she surged ahead to seize third with a time of 1:07.35, ahead of Star Swimming’s Gabrielle Studebaker (1:07.52), Sailfish’s Olivia Livingston (1:07.61), Radnor Aquatic Club’s Annika Edwards (1:07.74), PACK’s Erin Szuromi (1:08.64), and Cape Cod Swim Club’s Maria Kelly (1:08.91).

Men 100 Back

Lake Erie Silver Dolphins’ David Bocci upset the men’s 100 back, taking the win by a wide margin with a time of 1:00.97. The Fish’s Sam O’Brien conceded the victory with a 1:01.37, just ahead of his teammate Ignat Miagkov (1:01.67). Lake Erie Silver Dolphins’ Samuel Deemer finished strong with a time of 1:01.74 ahead of The Fish’s Aaron Tingley (1:01.87), who added slightly to his time from prelims. Clifton Park-Halfmoon Piranhas’ Zackary Lassetter (1:03.00) secured sixth place ahead of Liverpool Jets Swim Club’s Griffin Merkling (1:03.32), and Radnor Aquatic Club’s Michael Hanning (1:03.87).

Women 400 Free

The Fish’s Madelyn Donahoe continued to dominate the competition with a 4:18.03 400 free despite a loaded field including Westchester  Aquatic Club’s Kristin Cornish (4:20.62). The fifteen-year-old’s mark beat Cape Cod Swim Club’s Tessa Mock (4:29.55) and Westchester Aquatic Club’s Alexandra Bastone (4:32.19). Both of which dropped competitive times of their own.

Radnor Aquatic Club’s Anna Kalandadze (4:32.84) lead the final wave in the heat, beating out Retriever Aquatic Club’s Anastasia Lesho (4:34.49), The Fish’s Bridget O’Shaughnessy (4:34.94), and Retriever Aquatic Club’s Sarah Daly (4:44.82).

Men 400 Free

Unattached Graham Chatoor manhandled the competition, finishing with a 4:08.22. Swim Ithaca’s Carter Anderson (4:15.59) brought in the second wave, jumping ahead of The Fish’s Sam O’Brien (4:18.53) and  Radnor Aquatic Club’s Patrick Casey (4:22.68). Clifton Park-Halfmoon Piranhas’ Scott Ward (4:24.22) kicked his way into the top five ahead of Cougar Aquatic Team’s Brian Mullen (4:24.72), Radnor Aquatic Club’s Matthew Gray (4:25.27) and Cougar Aquatic Teams’ Aaron Khodarkovsky (4:25.62).