2019 Futures Championships Des Moines Day 1

Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

By Sarah Berman, Swimming World College Intern

The first session of the 2019 Futures Championships in Des Moines, Iowa featured the timed-final events: Women’s 800 Free, Men’s 1500 Free, Women’s 800 Meter Free Relay and the Men’s 800 Meter Free Relay.

Women’s 800 Freestyle

Hayden Miller took home the championship crown with a time of 8:48.93, a 19.17 second drop from her seed time. She finished a full seven seconds ahead of second place finisher, Rylie Lopez who finished in 8:55.94. Just behind Lopez was Lillian Reader touching in at 8:56.94.

Aurora Roghair was fourth (8:58.42), followed by Rebecca Simpson (9:00.84), Heidi Stalkfeet (9:01.79), Emily Bucaro (9:04.54) and Maila Rausch (9:04.70) to round out the top eight finishers, who all went personal best times.

Men’s 1500 Freestyle

Darwin Anderson went a best time by 32.18 seconds to win the race in 15:51.82. He touched eleven seconds in front of Tanner Nelson (16:02.44), who finished just before Andrew Guziec (16:09.14).

In fourth was Antonio Romero (16:13.19), followed by Evan Holt (16:15.75), Michael Flynn (16:19.13), Austin Butler (16:19.76) and Christian Callan (16:20.14)

Women’s 800 Freestyle Relay

It was a tight battle for first place in the women’s 800 freestyle relay, just over a second separated the top three teams. Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club came from behind to win the race in 8:30.19. Austin Swim Club touched second and featured a blazing 2:04.03 split from Rausch who was fresh off of her 8th place finish in the 800 freestyle earlier in the night. Flyers Aquatic Swim Team was just edged out to take third with a time of 8:31.86.

Fourth was First Colony Swim Team (8:33.56), followed by Mansfield Aquatic Club (8:35.19), Magnolia Aquatic Club (8:37.33), Lakeside Aquatic Club (8:39.32) and Central Iowa Aquatics (8:40.38

Men’s 800 Freestyle Relay

The men’s 800 freestyle relay also featured a showdown, only a half-second separated the top two teams. Austin Swim Club took the top of the podium in 7:42.23. Springfield YMCA Swim Team was second with a time of 7:42.77, which included a 1:52.92 split from Matthew Knox. Taking third place was Cypress Fairbanks Swim Club (7:44.42).

Fourth was Flyers Aquatic Swim Team (7:49.36), followed by Lakeside Aquatic Club (7:51.09), Central Iowa Aquatics (7:52.54), Waterloo Swimming (7:54.30) and Nitro Swimming (7:54.47).