2019 FINA World Cup Singapore: Morozov Breaks World Cup Record With 21.2 50 Free; Campbell Swims 24.02

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The first night of finals from the 2019 FINA World Cup in Singapore had ten total events with a meet record falling in the final event of the session. Russia’s Vladimir Morozov was a 21.27 in the 50 free to break his own World Cup record and also move up to second in the world for the year. Australia’s Cate Campbell had another stellar 50 free as she was a 24.02 which was faster than the gold medal winning time at the World Championships last month.

Australia’s Grant Irvine and USA’s Andrew Wilson also swam season best times in the 100 fly and 100 breast to move into the top ten in the world for the year.

Women’s 50 Free

Cate Campbell blasted a 24.02 in the 50 free on Thursday night at the FINA World Cup in Singapore to win the event ahead of Michelle Coleman (24.65) and Holly Barratt (24.80). The time was nearly a season best for Campbell who sits second in the world for 2019. It was faster than what she swam at the World Championships when she won the bronze medal in this event. Her 24.02 actually would have won the gold medal at Worlds since Simone Manuel was a 24.05 to win there.

1 CAMPBELL Cate Australia AUS 24.02
2 COLEMAN Michelle Sweden SWE 24.65
3 BARRATT Holly Australia AUS 24.80
4 OTTESEN Jeanette Denmark DEN 24.99
5 QUAH Ting Wen Singapore SGP 25.38
6 SRISA – ARD Jenjira Thailand THA 25.57
7 ALKHALDI Jasmine Philippines PHI 25.64
8 BAO Ying People's Republic of China CHN 25.69

Men’s 50 Free

Russia’s Vladimir Morozov won the 50 free final in a new World Cup record on Thursday night at the FINA World Cup in Singapore with a 21.27. Morozov lowered the meet record that he set last year at 21.49 in Kazan. The time is a season best for Morozov and would have easily won him the silver medal in Gwangju had he swam that time. He instead was fourth in Korea.

USA’s Michael Andrew (21.78) finished in second as he was just off his season best of 21.62 from Worlds. Italy’s Santo Condorelli (22.21) was third.

Morozov is now ranked second in the world for 2019.

2019 World Rankings:

  1. 21.04, Caeleb Dressel, USA
  2. 21.27, Vladimir Morozov, RUS
  3. 21.31, Bruno Fratus, BRA
  4. 21.45, Kristian Gkolomeev, GRE
  5. 21.48, Ben Proud, GBR
  6. 21.53, Andrea Vergani, ITA
  7. 21.62, Michael Andrew, USA
  8. 21.67, Pawel Juraszek, POL
  9. 21.67, Shinri Shioura, JPN
  10. 21.72, Florent Manaudou, FRA
1 MOROZOV Vladimir Russian Federation RUS 21.27 WC
2 ANDREW Michael United States of America USA 21.78
3 CONDORELLI Santo Italy ITA 22.21
4 SZABO Szebasztian Hungary HUN 22.37
5 TSURKIN Yauhen Belarus BLR 22.83
5 CAO Jiwen People's Republic of China CHN 22.83
7 CHUA Yi Shou Darren Singapore SGP 23.01
8 TEONG Tzen Wei Singapore SGP 23.07

Men’s 100 Breast

USA’s Andrew Wilson swam a personal best in the 100 breast on Thursday night at the FINA World Cup in Singapore with a 58.93 to put himself sixth in the world. Wilson is also the fastest American this year as he is swimming in the third and final stop of the Asia cluster of the World Cup. He also swam at the World Championships so it is even more impressive that he is still able to swim faster on a fourth rest meet. Wilson was within striking distance of the American record of 58.64 that Kevin Cordes set in 2017. This was the second time Wilson has broken 59 since he was a 58.95 at the World Championships.

Wilson finished ahead of Italy’s Nicolo Martinenghi (59.58) with those two being the only ones to break 60 seconds in the final. Martinenghi was a 59.2 at the Tokyo World Cup.

Lithuania’s Andrius Sidlauskas (1:00.08) finished in third place while Brazil’s Felipe Franca (1:01.00), USA’s Jonathan Tybur (1:01.16) and Brazil’s Raphael Rodrigues (1:01.20) rounded out the top five.

2019 World Rankings:

  1. 56.88, Adam Peaty, GBR
  2. 58.29, Ilya Shymanovich, BLR
  3. 58.46, James Wilby, GBR
  4. 58.63, Yan Zibei, CHN
  5. 58.89, Yasuhiro Koseki, JPN
  6. 58.93, Andrew Wilson, USA
  7. 59.03, Dmitriy Balandin, KAZ
  8. 59.05, Fabio Scozzoli, ITA
  9. 59.09, Kirill Prigoda, RUS
  10. 59.15, Anton Chupkov, RUS

1 WILSON Andrew United States of America USA 58.93
2 MARTINENGHI Nicolo Italy ITA 59.58
3 SIDLAUSKAS Andrius Lithuania LTU 1:00.08
4 FRANCA SILVA Felipe Brazil BRA 1:01.00
5 TYBUR Jonathan United States of America USA 1:01.16
6 RODRIGUES Raphael Brazil BRA 1:01.20
7 LIN Yu-Wei Chinese Taipei TPE 1:02.97
8 CHU Chen-Kai Chinese Taipei TPE 1:05.17

Men’s 100 Fly

Australia’s Grant Irvine won a speedy 100 fly final as he swam a 51.26 on Thursday night in Singapore. Irvine moved up to eighth in the world for 2019 and is the fastest Australian for the year. Irvine did not swim at the World Championships so this has to give him confidence heading into the Olympic year as he chases his second Olympic berth.

Hungary’s Szebasztian Szabo was right behind Irvine in second place at 51.28 as he also swam a season best and moved up to ninth in the world. USA’s Giles Smith (52.23) finished in third place.

2019 World Rankings:

  1. 49.50, Caeleb Dressel, USA
  2. 50.68, Maxime Rooney, USA
  3. 50.83, Andrei Minakov, RUS
  4. 50.85, Mehdy Metella, FRA
  5. 50.95, Kristof Milak, HUN
  6. 51.16, Chad Le Clos, RSA
  7. 51,21, Jack Conger, USA
  8. 51.26, Grant Irvine, AUS
  9. 51.28, Szebasztian Szabo, HUN
  10. 51.34, Andrew Seliskar, USA
1 IRVINE Grant Australia AUS 51.26
2 SZABO Szebasztian Hungary HUN 51.28
3 SMITH Giles United States of America USA 52.23
4 TSURKIN Yauhen Belarus BLR 52.27
5 BROWN Nic Australia AUS 53.01
6 CHAN Jie Malaysia MAS 53.56
7 WONGCHAROEN Navaphat Thailand THA 53.74
8 COETZEE Wilrich New Zealand NZL 55.80

Women’s 400 Free

Australia’s Maddy Gough got the upper hand over USA’s Erica Sullivan to start off the first night of finals at the FINA World Cup meet in Singapore with Gough swimming a 4:08.09 to Sullivan’s 4:09.28. Gough beat Sullivan for the first time this World Cup as the American won the 400 in Jinan and also finished ahead of the Australian in Tokyo. Australia’s Moesha Johnson (4:13.55) finished in third place.

1 GOUGH Maddy Australia AUS 4:08.09
2 SULLIVAN Erica United States of America USA 4:09.28
3 JOHNSON Moesha Australia AUS 4:13.55
4 GOH Chia Tong Malaysia MAS 4:24.22
5 LIEW Li-Shan Chantal Singapore SGP 4:27.15
6 LYE Li Hui Genevieve Singapore SGP 4:38.23
7 ONG Naomi Rui Ern Club CLB 4:40.94
8 LEE Xin Ru Charmaine Club CLB 4:43.03

Men’s 400 Free

Lithuania’s Danas Rapsys ran away from the field in the men’s 400 free final with a 3:45.59. Rapsys had lowered the World Cup meet record at each stop thus far on the tour with a 3:45 in Tokyo and a 3:43 last week in Jinan. He wasn’t able to lower it for a third time but that may signal that it is time to take a break. Rapsys has been in Asia for about a full month now with the World Championships starting in South Korea about four weeks ago.

Rapsys finished ahead of Germany’s Henning Muhlleitner (3:52.12) and Australia’s Ben Roberts (3:53.27).

1 RAPSYS Danas Lithuania LTU 3:45.59
2 MUHLLEITNER Henning Germany GER 3:52.12
3 ROBERTS Ben Australia AUS 3:53.27
4 ANG Erasmus Singapore SGP 4:08.63
5 HOU Bo-Yu Chinese Taipei TPE 4:09.09
6 MITCHELL Luke New Zealand NZL 4:10.03
7 MOHAMED AZMAN Azri Zuhairi Singapore SGP 4:13.08
8 ADENEY Michael Club CLB 4:13.72

Women’s 50 Back

Australia’s Holly Barratt finished ahead of the field in the 50 back with a 27.95 as she was the only one to break 28 on Thursday night at the FINA World Cup in Singapore. The time is a season best for Barratt as she moves up to 20th in the world for the year. She finished ahead of Hong Kong’s Stephanie Au (28.16), who won two NCAA team titles at Cal. Emily Seebohm (28.18) was third while Sweden’s Michelle Coleman was fourth.

1 BARRATT Holly Australia AUS 27.95
2 AU Stephanie Hong Kong, China HKG 28.16
3 SEEBOHM Emily Australia AUS 28.18
4 COLEMAN Michelle Sweden SWE 28.85
5 WONG Toto Kwan To Hong Kong, China HKG 29.13
6 CHEN Szu-Chi Chinese Taipei TPE 29.52
7 PEDERSEN Elena Singapore SGP 29.80
8 KOO Jamie Yazhen Singapore SGP 30.49

Men’s 200 Back

Australia’s Mitch Larkin won his third straight 200 back at the FINA World Cup with a 1:56.60 in Singapore. He went faster at the previous two stops as he has had a long month of racing as well. He did not swim the 200 back at the World Championships to instead focus on the 200 IM. Larkin led a clean sweep for the Australians with Tristan Hollard (1:58.39) coming in second and Jorden Merrilees (1:59.98) coming in third. Thomas Fraser-Holmes (2:02.35) finished the sweep in fourth place.

1 LARKIN Mitchell Australia AUS 1:56.60
2 HOLLARD Tristan Australia AUS 1:58.39
3 MERRILEES Jorden Australia AUS 1:59.98
4 FRASER-HOLMES Thomas Australia AUS 2:02.35
5 COETZEE Wilrich New Zealand NZL 2:04.58
6 LOW Malcolm Singapore SGP 2:08.66
7 KOO Gabriel Singapore SGP 2:10.39
8 FUNG Chun Ho Hong Kong, China HKG 2:13.03

Women’s 200 Fly

Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu won her third straight 200 fly at the World Cup today in Singapore as she swam a 2:07.07 to just hold off fellow Hungarian Zsuzsanna Jakabos (2:07.48). Hosszu has been fairly consistent the last few weeks in the 200 fly, posting a 2:07.1 in Tokyo and a 2:07.2 in Jinan. She followed that up with a 2:07.0 this week in Singapore for her best time out of the three clusters.

Jakabos swam a season best time as she moved up to 13th in the world and is the third fastest in Hungary.

Singapore’s Jing Quah (2:10.26) and Australia’s Laura Taylor (2:10.37) finished third and fourth

1 HOSSZU Katinka Hungary HUN 2:07.07
2 JAKABOS Zsuzsanna Hungary HUN 2:07.48
3 QUAH Jing Wen Singapore SGP 2:10.26
4 TAYLOR Laura Australia AUS 2:10.37
5 ZHANG Yufei People's Republic of China CHN 2:13.62
6 SANTA ANA Rosalee Mira Cantada Philippines PHI 2:17.70
7 CRISTOL Ruby Club CLB 2:20.85
8 WANG Ya-Jen Chinese Taipei TPE 2:21.51

Women’s 200 Breast

Russia’s Vitalina Simonova won her second straight 200 breast title at the 2019 FINA World Cup with a 2:25.65 on Thursday night in Singapore. Simonova was a 2:24 last week in Jinan but went a touch slower in Singapore. Simonova won comfortably ahead of USA’s Breeja Larson, who is enjoying a nice resurgence in the sport after winning her first national title at Stanford earlier this month for the first time in about five years. Larson was second here at 2:28.75.

1 SIMONOVA Vitalina Russian Federation RUS 2:25.65
2 LARSON Breeja United States of America USA 2:28.75
3 PAWAPOTAKO Phiangkhwan Thailand THA 2:33.67
4 CHEN Jing-An Chinese Taipei TPE 2:40.97
5 ERQUIAGA Yssela Singapore SGP 2:41.36
6 CHONG Melanie Singapore SGP 2:42.55
7 LIAU Claresa Singapore SGP 2:42.64
8 GORDON Lucy New Zealand NZL 2:47.94

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