2018 Santa Clara Futures Kick-Off With Distance Events

Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

By Kelsey Mitchell, Swimming World College Intern.

The first day of swimming is complete at the 2018 Santa Clara Futures Championship meet. The meet began with alternating heats of the men’s 1500 free and women’s 800 free, followed by the 4×200 free relay for both the men and women. The meet will be held from August 2-5 in Santa Clara, Calif.

2018 Santa Clara Futures Day One – Results

Women’s 800 Free

FAST Swim Team’s Cathryn Salladin won the event by a landslide with a time of 8:49.20, dropping 5.52 seconds from her seed time of 8:49.20. She consistently paced her 50s in the mid 33 second range, dropping down to a 31.67 on her final lap.

Following Salladin was Ryan Falk of the Tualatin Hills Swim Club. Falk dropped 13.90 seconds from her seed time, resulting in the 8:57.68 that placed her second.

Coming in third was Kara Church with a 9:02.40. The 16-year-old dropped an incredible 1:17.00 from her seed time, the resulting time being a 9:02.40. Church swims for the Scottsdale Aquatic Club.

Bellevue’s  Christina Bradley (9:04.02), Boise YMCA’s Maya Knutson (9:04.43), Santa Clara’s Ela Freiman (9:09.68), Temecula’s Sydney Jackson (9:10.53) and Park City’s Audrey McDonald (9:10.63) also placed in the top eight.

Men’s 1500 Free

Aidan Reagan of Tucson Ford Dealers Aquatics won the event with a 15:50.99, dropping 16.22 seconds from his seed time of 16:07.21. His 50 pace was consistently in the 31 to 32 second range. He swept the event with about a nine second lead.

Peter Thompson of Billings Aquatic Club placed second with a time of 16:00.02. The 15-year-old dropped 20.86 seconds from his seed time of 16:21.06.

In third was Swim Utah’s Rhys Milton. Milton dropped 20.86 from his seed of 16:28.24, resulting in a 16:03.16. Previously seeded 13th, Milton moved up 10 spots from his seed placement in finals.

La Mirada’s William Schodorf (16:03.51), Boise YMCA’s Gabriel Machado (16:05.85), Billings’ Jack Leuthold (16.10.66), Palo Alto Stanford’s James Lovette (16:10.73) and Tucson Ford Dealers’ Riley Babson (16.11.44) also finished in the top eight.

Women’s 4×200 Free Relay

Tualatin Hills Swim Club took first by over a second with a time 8:25.51. They dropped 3.10 seconds from their seed time of 8:28.61 and moved up from their second seed spot. The team was composed of swimmers Angelina Lindsay (2:07.03), Lily Gardner (2:05.04), Tia Lindsay (2:06.81) and Falk (2:06.63).

Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics came in second with a time of 8:26.93. They dropped 11.60 seconds from their seed time of 8:38.53 and moved up 14 spots from their 16th place seed. The team was composed of Sarah Snyder (2:06.92), Sloane Reinstein (2:05.93), Grace Tramack (2:10.42) and Jennifer Campbell (2:04.19).

Bellevue Swim Club placed third in the relay with a time of 8:31.59, dropping 3.87 seconds from their seed time of 8:35.46. They moved up six spots from their prior seed of 13. Bradley (2:09.51), Jazlynn Pak (2:07.51), Nathalie Valdman (2:09.70) and Aneta Wyzga (2:04.87) were on the team.

Santa Clara (8:31.66), Mission Viejo (8:32.93), Tualatin Hills (8:33.57), North Bay (8:38.07) and Scottsdale (8:39.24) also placed in the top eight.

Men’s 4×200 Free Relay

North Bay Aquatics took first with a time of 7:42.59, dropping .55 from their seed time of 7:43.50. They moved up four spots from their fifth place seed. The team was composed of Peter Lewczyk (1:54.87), Ivan Kurakin (1:55.01), Leo Collins (1:55.81) and Ethan Sternberg (1:57.26).

Scottsdale Aquatic Club took second with a time of 7:43.29. They dropped 7.22 seconds from their seed time of 7:50.51 and moved up ten spots from their 12th place seed. Tanner Falls (1:55.07), David Hudson (1:56.85), Dylan Melin (1:55.35) and Max Weed (1:56.02) were on the team.

De Anzo Cupertino Aquatics took third with a time of 7:48.91. They dropped 1.08 seconds from their seed time of 7:49.99 and moved up seven spots from their 10th place seed. Alex Kurotori (1:58.03), Matthew Driscoll (1:54.52), Ryan Kirton (1:57.44) and Tommaso Morini Bianzino (1:58.92) were on the relay team.


Photo Courtesy: USA Swimming

Prelims begin tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. PST. Finals will be held that afternoon at 5:00 p.m. PST.