2016 Utah High School State Championships: Park City and Skyline Take 3A and 4A Titles

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By Lillian Nelson, Swimming World College Intern

On the third and final day out at Brigham Young’s aquatic center for the 2016 Utah High School State Championships, the second halves of both the 3A and 4A classifications have come to a close.

Starting off the morning was part two of the 3A classification.

Individual event winners of this session include Katelyn Gross (57.70) and Lucas Hess (51.55) in the 100 Butterfly, Rozie Selznick (52.43) and Nathan Wallace (46.55) in the 100 Freestyle, Sienna Senn (5:03.11) and Cole Peterson (4:58.22) in the 500 Freestyle, Mara Selznick (57.70) and Jinwon Bailar (51.32) in the 100 Backstroke, and Joelle Hess (1:06.23) and Felix Weingartner (1:02.25) in the 100 Breaststroke.

The women’s 200 Freestyle Relay was a close race that ultimately ended with Park City High School (Senn, Beller, Hale, and Selznick) touching first (1:38.18), only a fraction of a second ahead of Cedar City High School (Gross, McQuivey, Ruhr, and Gross) with their time of 1:38.70.

Park City High School (Hess, Hess, Yokubison, and Bailar) also took the Men’s 200 Freestyle Relay title with a time of 1:28.13, ahead of Canyon View High School (Florence, Edwards, Anderson, and Wallace) at 1:31.09 and Juan Diego High School (McKenzie, Stolfa, Greer, and Gustat) at 1:32.17.

The 400 Freestyle relays were also dominated by Park City High School’s men and women. The ladies (Senn, Selznick, Beller, and Selznick) came in with a time of 3:35.57, and the men (Hess, Hess, Peterson, and Yokubison) took the title with a time of 3:15.12.

The overall team scores resulted in victories in the 3A classification for Park City High School’s men at 465 points and women at 493 points.

The 4A classification took the pool next with some speedy swims to finish off their half of the meet.

Individual event winners include Becca Goodson (59.70) and Adam Shelton (50.91) in the 100 Butterfly, Aleah Griffin (54.22) and Brigham Harrison (46.25) in the 100 Freestyle, Makayla Cazier (5:02.94) and Jaron Nelson (4:40.70) in the 500 Freestyle, Zoe Plillips (57.68) and Talmage Corey (53.32) in the 100 Backstroke, and Madelyn Flower (1:04.80) and Wyatt Graham (58.73) in the 100 Breaststroke.

Skyline High School took both titles in the 200 Freestyle Relays. On the women’s side, Skyline’s team of Brooks, Bills, Dibble, and Griffin touched at 1:40.51. On the men’s side, Skyline’s team of Shelton, Wang, Mosteller, and Beseris touched at 1:27.14.

Skyline came back again in the 400 Freestyle Relays, taking both the men’s and women’s titles to finish off the weekend. Skyline’s women (Karahalios, Bills, Griffin, and Brooks) touched at 3:40.93, and the men (Shelton, Trevino, Mosteller, and Newbold) finished with a time of 3:12.87.

At the end of both of the 4A sessions, Skyline High School took both the men’s and women’s titles, scoring 354.5 points and 416.5 points respectively.