2016 U.S. Open Swimming Championships: Day 3 Finals Live Recap

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

Everything you need to follow along live with day three finals of the 2016 U.S. Open Swimming Championships. Hit refresh for all the latest coverage.


  • Women’s 400 IM
  • Men’s 400 IM
  • Women’s 100 Fly
  • Men’s 100 Fly
  • Women’s 4×200 Free Relay
  • Men’s 4×200 Free Relay

Women’s 400 IM:

After soaring ahead of the competition in prelims of  the women’s 400 IM, Aggie Swim Club’s Bethany Galat received some stiff competition from Madisyn Cox. Cox delivered a strong back half, out-splitting Galat in the final 100 to try and close the gap. But Galat had built a solid lead to finish first with a time of 4:38.66, just shy of the U.S. Open meet record of 4:38.38. Cox settled for second and a 4:39.85.

University of Alabama’s Mia Nonnenberg picked up third with a time of 4:42.66, shaving more than five seconds off her prelims time of 4:47.79.

NC State’s Hannah Moore turned in a time of 4:45.01 to grab fourth, while Aberdeen’s Hannah Kastigar was fifth overall with a 4:48.79.

Y-Spartaquatics’ Savanna Faulconer (4:49.37), Indiana’s Sam Lisy (4:51.88), and Minnesota’s Brooke Zeiger (4:59.57) rounded out the top eight.

Men’s 400 IM:

Mark Szaranek of Gator Swim Club outlasted the competition in the men’s 400 IM to finish first overall with a time of 4:17.61, scratching more than four seconds off his prelims time.

Picking up second was Tom Peribonio with a time of 4:18.25, ahead of Stanford’s Max Williamson and his third place finish of 4:20.79.

Wisconsin Aquatics’ Michael Weiss turned in a final 4:22.20 to slip to fourth overall, while Alexander Lebed, swimming unattached, finished fifth with a 4:23.71.

Club Wolverine’s PJ Ransford grabbed sixth place with a 4:27.19 and was followed closely to the wall by Tommy Anderson (4:27.66) and Johnthomas Larson (4:27.92).

Women’s 100 Fly:

Aggie Swim Club’s Sarah Gibson flirted with a new U.S. Open meet record in the women’s 100 fly. The 21-year-old stopped the clock at a 58.39 to finish just short of the existing 58.18 record.

A trio of 58’s followed Gibson into the wall led by North Carolina’s Hellen Moffitt. Moffitt turned in a 58.58 for the silver medal, while Aquazot’s Eva Merrell picked up the bronze with a time of 58.70. Finishing close behind Merrell was Swim Wales’ Alys Margaret Thomas with a final time of 58.89.

South Florida’s Claire Donahue grabbed fifth in finals with a time of 59.18, while Aliena Schmidtke, swimming unattached, finished sixth with a 59.34.

Cardinal Aquatics’ Mallory Comerford (59.51) and Schroeder YMCA’s Hannah Saiz (59.64) completed the top eight.

Men’s 100 Fly:

Indiana University’s Vini Lanza maintained his spot atop the leaderboard in the men’s 100 fly with a time of 52.88, shaving .07 seconds off his prelims time of 52.95.

Zach Harting of Cardinal Aquatics and Nicholas Brown of Australia kept a tight race for second, finishing .14 seconds apart. Harting led by .30 seconds at the 50 but a swift second 50 from Brown closed the gap. Despite out splitting Harting 27.94 to 28.10, Brown fell to third with a 53.44 while Harting maintained second with a 53.30.

Michael Andrew of Race Pace Club posted a final time of 53.67 for fourth, while Club Mountaineer’s Bryce Bohman turned in a 53.86 for fifth.

Cardinal Aquatic’s Josh Quallen grabbed sixth with a final 53.92, just ahead of Alabama’s Laurent Bams (54.23).

Matthew Grauslys of Irish Aquatics was unfortunately disqualified.

Women’s 4×200 Free Relay:

Aggie Swim Club continued to post top times with a solid win in the women’s 800 freestyle relay. The relay team of Galat (2:06.79), Claire Rasmus (2:03.60), Caitlynn Moon (2:03.77), and Gibson (1:59.41) delivered a combined time of 8:13.57 to win by close to two seconds.

Picking up second was Indiana’s Stephanie Marchuk (2:02.25), Grace Vertigans (2:02.29), Rachel Matsumura (2:05.94), and Marie Chamberlain (2:04.94) with a final time of 8:15.42.

Rounding out the top three finishers was the Aquazot team of Kate Krolikowski (2:04.14), Katie Glavinovich (2:06.63), Merrell (2:02.54), and Riley Lexvold (2:07.38) with a combined 8:20.69.

Men’s 4×200 Free Relay:

Australia’s relay team of Alexander Graham (1:48.95), Nicholas Brown (1:53.93), Zac Incerti (1:49.49), and Blake Jones (1:51.11) posted a first place finish of 7:23.48 to win the men’s 800 free relay.

Second place went to the relay team of Cannon Clifton (1:52.89), Anthony Lyons (1:51.74), Ryan Stack (1:51.77), and Brett Pinfold (1:47.47) from Wisconsin Aquatics. The quad stopped the clock at a final 7:23.87.

Badger Swim Club’s Richard Mannix (1:53.12), Zane Grothe (1:47.38), Jack Collins (1:52.77), and John Nunez (1:54.01) picked up third with a final time of 7:27.28.