2012 Olympic Champion Daniel Gyurta Announces Retirement

Gian Mattia D'Alberto / lapresse 18-08-2014 Berlino sport 32mi Campionati Europei LEN di nuoto nella foto: Daniel Gyurta HUN Gian Mattia D'Alberto / lapresse 18-08-2014 Berlin 32rd LEN European Swimming In the photo: Daniel Gyurta HUN
Photo Courtesy: Gian Mattia Dalberto/Lapresse

2012 Olympic 200 Breaststroke Champion and 2013 Swimming World European Swimmer of the Year Daniel Gyurta announced his retirement via Instagram on March 27:

His post reads:

“THANKS, IT’S OVER! I am saying goodbye to competitive swimming.! Thanks for your support! My carreer is complete: I won everything and has been undefeated for 6 years. Glad to have reached  to have reached it as a Hungarian swimmer! “

In addition to his London gold, Gyurta earned a silver in his signature event in 2004 and earned three-peat gold in the 2009 Rome, 2011 Shanghai and 2013 Barcelona World Championships.

His performances in 2012 and 2013 earned him the 200 Breast World Record as well as the Olympic and World Championships Records. Both have since been broken.

In 2015 Gyurta settled for bronze before finishing seventeenth in the preliminaries of the 2016 Olympic Games. The Hungarian swimmer finished in the same position in this event at the 2017 World Championships.


  1. James Tebbett

    Pretty sure he won a silver in Athens, not bronze.

    • Swimming World

      Hi James, you are correct! Our mistake has been corrected in the article.

  2. avatar
    Speaks Hungarian

    More accurate translation on part of his statement
    “My career is complete, I won everything possible and for 6 years I was undefeated in the world”