16 Thoughts Swimmers Have While Doing Core Work

Exercises - flutter kicks
Photo Courtesy: Andreas Roestenberg

16 Thoughts Swimmers Have While Doing Core Work (From the Swimming World Archive)

By Molly Lloyd, Swimming World College Intern 

Let’s be real, even though we all love the results of core sessions – I mean, who doesn’t like having abs of steel? – they can be pretty rough. We can only do so many planks and pike-holds before we let our minds wander to other things to distract ourselves from the pain we’re feeling; but hey, we’re working hard. And in the long run, we know there will be benefits. Here are 16 thoughts that might have gone through your head while doing core with your team.

1. Alright, first round, not bad. I can do this.

2. Jeez, how long is this plank anyway?

3. It’s only been a minute? For real?

4. God, my abs are on fire.

5. Do my hips always pop like this while doing bicycles?

6. …seventeen…eighteen…nineteen…twenty.

7. Hmm…I wonder what’s for dinner after this.

8. Speaking of food, I should NOT have eaten all those Girl Scout cookies before this.

Side plank for swimming

9. We’re only on round two of four??

10. What if I don’t make it through this? What if I die?

11. At least I’m gonna be strong as heck after this.

12. Aw yeah. Abs of steel. Washboard abs, here I come.

13. We are a good looking team. Oh man, I’d like to see other teams do this much core.

14. Wow this one is definitely the worst exercise.

15. So…close…

16. Oh man. We’re done. Dang, I feel strong.

No matter what you’re thinking while doing core, the most important thing is that you get through the exercises and get stronger. Dryland workouts are incredibly important when it comes to improving in the pool. Regardless of how you do it, you make it through. Happy core-ing!


  1. Cindy LeBeau

    I think #17 is ” I wonder what MiMi is doing!”

  2. Haylee Koon

    Jordann CoachL, I have though all of these thoughts during abs… Lol.

    • Emily Rhodes

      Haha Vicki Zappa I think of random-er stuff then that, “I wonder what would happen if a duck jumped into the pool”

    • Caitlin Kat

      They left one out…
      ‘I really should have done more core’

  3. Jamie Keyte

    Danya Gaddu Jess Jones this was us on Wednesday

    • Jess Jones

      The main one I was thinking was what kind of long darn minute is this

  4. Chantelle McIntosh

    Hahahahaha! This sums us up perfectly when we were made to do core ? Alix Whitney Zhara Wimbus

  5. Gloria Ivanova

    Elitsa Waldorf Aleksandra Stoyanova Stanislava Nesheva edno vreme

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