10 Thoughts That Cross the Mind While Watching the United States Olympic Trials


10 Thoughts That Cross the Mind While Watching the United States Olympic Trials

One of the cool things about the United States Olympic Trials is the way it brings the swimming community together. Fans, athletes, parents and coaches have the opportunity to watch the festivities from Omaha on nightly television, thanks to NBC’s broadcast partnership with USA Swimming.

Naturally, when watching what is unfolding at the CHI Health Center, certain thoughts cross the mind. Here are 10 things that pop into the brain while taking in the Olympic Trials.

1. “Psh, I could do that. It’s not that hard…Yeah, I definitely could never do that.”

2. “Do I know them? I recognize that name. I think I might have raced against them when we were younger.”

3. “This is kind of sad without Michael Phelps.”

4. “GO GO GO! Wait, is this a final or a semifinal?”

5. “What event is next? This order of events doesn’t make any sense!”

6. “Oh, I like that suit. What brand is it? I might need to invest in that one.”

7. “GO GO GO! Bring it home! Who should I be rooting for in this race? There are just so many good options.”

8. Sees that Trials is being viewed on the main TV platform. “Wow, it’s an historic day. There are actually people out there who care about swimming.”

9. “Why isn’t anyone yelling at them for sitting on the lane lines?”

10. “Oh, Team USA is definitely bringing home the gold in Tokyo every event!”

All commentaries are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Swimming World Magazine nor its staff.

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Marco Foelske
1 year ago

Waiting for the day when Trials are streamed on Amazon as NBC focuses on Commercial breaks than on great Olympians and the Sport of swimming.

1 year ago

How about oh we have the world record holder not attending the Olympics because we can only send so many bodies per event.