USA Finishes With 33 Medals at Paralympic World Champs

MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina, Dec. 20. THE USA Paralympic Swim Team that competed in the 2002 IPC World
Championships in Mar del Plata, Argentina, from December 10-16, finished fifth in the overall medal count with a total of 33 medals (9 gold, 12 silver, and
12 bronze).

A total of two world and 43 American records were set throughout the six days of competition as follows (p = prelims):

World Records
Erin Popovich set a new world record in the SB6 Women's 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:44.30. Mikhaila Rutherford set a new world mark in the S10 Women's 100 backstroke with a time of 1:14.13.

American Records
Kelly Crowley (100 free, 400 free)

Michael DeMarco (50 free p, 200 free p, 50 back p, 100 free p, 50 free split p)

Jennifer Johnson (200 free)

Curtis Lovejoy (150 IM, 200 free, 50 back p, 50 breast)

Joe McCarthy (50 free p, 50 back p)

Travis Mohr (100 free, 100 back)

Jarrett Perry (100 back, 200 IM p)

Erin Popovich (100 breast, 200 IM)

Michael Prout (200 IM)

Mikhaila Rutherford (100 back, 200 IM)

Justin Zook (100 fly p, 100 back, 100 free, 50 free )

Men's 20 point 200 medley relay (Michael DeMarco, Aaron Paulson, Travis Mohr, Joe McCarthy)

Women's 20 point 200 medley relay (Aimee Bruder, Erin Popovich, Angel Langner, Cheryl Angelelli)

Men's 34 point 400 free relay (Michael Prout, Lantz Lamback, Travis Mohr, Justin Zook)

Men's 34 point 400 medley relay (Jarrett Perry, Travis Mohr, Michael Prout, Justin Zook)

US Medalists
Team USA Medalists included:
Jennifer Butcher (50 free BRONZE)

Sarah Castle (100 breast SILVER)

Kelly Crowley (100 free SILVER, 200 IM BRONZE)

Michael DeMarco (50 breast BRONZE)

Jennifer Johnson (50 free GOLD, 200 free GOLD, 50 back GOLD, 100 free GOLD)

Curtis Lovejoy (50 free GOLD, 150 IM SILVER, 50 breast SILVER, 100 free BRONZE)

Travis Mohr (100 back GOLD, 100 breast GOLD)

Aaron Paulson (100 breast BRONZE)

Jarrett Perry (100 back SILVER)

Erin Popovich (100 breast GOLD, 200 IM SILVER, 50 fly SILVER)

Mikhaila Rutherford (100 fly BRONZE, 100 back GOLD, 200 IM SILVER, 100 breast SILVER, 5K SILVER)

Brandi Van Anne (100 breast BRONZE)

Carrie Willoughby (100 back BRONZE)

Justin Zook (100 back BRONZE, 400 free BRONZE)

Women's 20 point 200 medley relay (Aimee Bruder, Erin Popovich, Angel Langner, Cheryl Angelelli) SILVER

Women's 20 point 200 free relay (Angel Langner, Aimee Bruder, Brandi Van Anne, Cheryl Angelelli) SILVER

Women's 34 point 400 medley relay (Mikhaila Rutherford, Erin Popovich, Kelly Crowley, Sarah Castle) BRONZE

Women's 49 point 400 medley relay (Jennifer Butcher, Anessa Kemna, Carrie Willoughby, Mandy Sommer) BRONZE

A 5K Open Water Championship was held for the first time as an IPC Championship event. Three Team USA members finished the swim: Mikhaila Rutherford (S10) earned a SILVER medal in the Women's race, and Travis Mohr (S8) and Jarrett Perry (S9) finished 8th and 10th respectively in the Men's competition.

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