Touretski Allegedly Involved in Another Airline Incident

CANBERRA, Australia, June 12. DETAILS are lacking at the moment, but reports from several reliable sources indicate that Genadi Touretski, the brilliant Russian coach who works at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra and who developed Olympic champions Alexander Popov, and Michael Klim, among others, has landed in trouble once again.

Several years ago, Touretski was involved in an assault on a flight attendant while flying from Sydney to los Angeles, allegedly while intoxicated. The flight was diverted to Honolulu, where Touretski was arrested and eventually served a brief jail sentence.

Last year, in a bizarre incident, Touretski's house was robbed and a safe taken. When the safe was recovered in a nearby reservoir, police discovered a small quantity of illegal steroids inside. The coach, who said he had no knowledge of the drugs, was aquitted of any wrongdoing.

Shortly thereafter, Touretski, 52, underwent heart bypass surgery. He returned to coaching full-time at the AIS just a few months ago.

Now, apparently, Touretski has been involved in another airborne assault incident. This time, it appears the medication he is taking had an adverse effect on him – resulting in his spilling coffee on someone and assaulting an individual. He says he is unable to recall what happened but was arrested upon arrival in Australia. Thus far, we have not learned of any charges having been filed.

It is believed the AIS will make an official announcement later today.

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