The Thorpedo Does It Again!! New World Record in the 200m Free

By Belinda Dennett

HOBART, Tasmania, Australia. March 27. EIGHTEEN-YEAR OLD Australian wonder boy, Ian Thorpe, destroyed the world record in the 200 meter freestyle with a time of 1:44.69, taking back the mark Dutchman Pieter van den Hoogenband snatched from him at last year's Sydney Olympics at the Tattersall's Hobart Aquatic Centre

His time of 1:44.69 (24.96; 51.90; 1:18.27)lopped a staggering 0.65 seconds off the record and left the rest of the field in his wake, as he won by over three body lengths.

Once again it was Thorpe's remarkable turn of speed which made all the difference, as he swam the last 50m in 26.42 despite having swum the gruelling 800m last night (and smashing the world record with a time of 7:41.59).

"I just made sure I did the right things last night and went to bed early, after the Oscars," he told former Australian Olympian and T.V. Channel Nine's Nicole Stevenson in a poolside interview.

Thorpe said he wasn't too sure how he would feel after the 800 and if he would recover for tonight's swim.

"I wanted to convince myself and prove to myself that I could get up and do a 200 after a 800m – I don't think it really affected me in any way I could see – I think surprise is the right word. I just did not expect to swim this fast."

When asked how the extended program was affecting him, Thorpe said: "It is a challenge, just like training and just like any challenge anyone does in their life. I like to see what I can put my body through and how much pain I can take."

"I've been very fortunate to get the results I do because many people put in the same amount of effort and the same amount of time and never get the results I do.

"You have to enjoy each and every one of these times. If you're not enjoying your preparation you have to look at that.

"I do believe I am a sprinter, but in the 100 freestyle I haven't posted a time that matches the other competitors."

Left in his wake were Olympic gold medallists from the world record 4 x 200m relay, Bill Kirby (1:48.22) and Todd Pearson (1:48.88) who collected the silver and bronze medals.

Completing the final were Ray Hass (1:49.71), Antony Matkovich (1:50.17), Leon Dunne (1:51.04), Nic Williams (1:52.26) and Craig Stevens (1:52.53).

Josh Watson made the most of a rare mistake by Olympic silver medalist, Matt Welsh, who led until the final stroke but misjudged his finish.

Josh broke Welsh's Commonwealth and Australian record by 0.02 seconds with his time of 25.66.

"It's always good to get one back from Matt. It's just great to win and get the Commonwealth record," an elated Watson said after the race.

Welsh took second in 25.76 with Tasmanian Beau Mannix taking his first Australian Open medal with his third placing in 26.07. Completing the final were Daniel Blackborrow (25.76), Edward Roche (27.23), Ethan Rolff (27.36), Cameron Delaney (27.36) and Geoff Huegill (27.70)

Olympic silver medalist, Leisel Jones won her second gold medal at these Championships with a time of 2:27.41 in the 200m breaststroke. She was pushed all the way by Victorian Brooke Hanson who swam a personal best time of 2:28.83 to finish second. "The last 50 metres was very painful. I really don't know how I ever swam 2:26, it's pretty hard," admitted Jones.

Tarnee White, winner of the silver medal in the 100m, finished in third place in 2:31.65. Completing the top eight were Kelli Waite (2:33.85), Sarah Kasoulis (2:35.14), Kate Young (2:35.79) Katie Clewett (2:38.18) and Bianca Conwell (2:41.95).

Sarah Ryan made it back-to-back national titles stopping the clock at 55.66 seconds. Ryan was a little disappointed in her time. A PB is always nice and just the way it felt in warm-up I thought I could do a pretty good time. But national champion is not bad," she said after the race. Sarah first won this event in 1994 and is showing no signs of slowing down. The in-form, Petria Thomas took two seconds off her best time coming into this meet to become the fourth fastest Australian swimmer in history, to finish second in 56.13, and Lori Munz swam a personal best time equaling the fifth fastest Australian swimmer of all time and should have done enough to find herself back in the Australian team with her third placing (56.19). Elka Graham from Manly also swam a PB of 56.25, Giaan Rooney (56.55), Melinda Geraghty (57.51) and Cassie Hunt (57.65).

Paralympian, Alicia Aberley established a provisional world record, winning the final with a time of 1:21.6 from fellow Paralympic teammates, Siobhan Paton and Judith Green.

Ben Austin from the Wellington club in New South Wales won the final from James Sewell of the St Peter's Western club in Queensland, and Australian Institute of Sport swimmer, Stewart Pike.


Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

DAY FOUR: March 27, 2001

50 meter pool

Men's 200m Breaststroke – Semifinal
1 Simon Cowley AUS 2:14.40
2 Regan Harrison AUS 2:15.76
3 Jim Piper AUS 2:15.94
4 Robert McDonald AUS 2:20.45
5 Jarrad Church AUS 2:20.65
6 Trent Steed AUS 2:21.34
7 Mark Riley AUS 2:21.66
8 Ben Tuckerman AUS 2:22.02

9 Luke Trickett AUS 2:22.05
10 Brenton Rickard AUS 2:24.27
11 Aaron Timmins AUS 2:24.41
12 Damian Jacobs AUS 2:24.63
13 Travis Nederpelt AUS 2:25.01
14 Michael Wooldridge AUS 2:25.36
15 Rhys Beynon AUS 2:25.91
16 Jade Winter AUS 2:27.59

Women's 200m Backstroke – Semifinal
1 Clementine Stoney AUS 2:12.44
2 Kelly Tucker AUS 2:14.97
3 Melissa Morgan AUS 2:16.60
4 Alissa Searston AUS 2:16.93
5 Jennifer Reilly AUS 2:18.03
6 Tamara Leane AUS 2:18.41
7 Anna Campbell AUS 2:18.96
8 Chloe Bennett AUS 2:19.36

9 Taryn Callaghan AUS 2:20.63
10 Richelle Jose AUS 2:21.12
11 Yvette Rodier AUS 2:21.19
12 Tayliah Zimmer AUS 2:21.20
13 Belinda Nevell AUS 2:22.18
14 Kara Clarke AUS 2:22.25
15 Laura Thomas AUS 2:23.53
16 Tanya Henderson AUS 2:25.70

Men's 100m Butterfly – Semifinal
1 Michael Klim AUS 52.43
2 Burl Reid AUS 53.37
3 Adam Pine AUS 54.00
4 Shane Fielding AUS 54.08
5 Geoff Huegill AUS 54.56
6 Zane King AUS 54.77
7 Jason Cohen AUS 55.05
8 Josh Krogh AUS 55.13

9 Greg Shaw AUS 55.51
10 Heath Ramsay AUS 55.65
11 Gavin Shill AUS 56.81
12 Richard Walls AUS 56.85
13 Ian Sainsbery AUS 57.00
14 Matthew Hall AUS 57.20
15 Robert Sharp AUS 57.56
16 James South AUS 58.54

Women's 50m Butterfly – Semifinal
1 Petria Thomas AUS 27.07
2 Julia Ham AUS 27.54
3 Nicole Irving AUS 27.62
4 Marieke Guehrer AUS 27.94
5 Jordana Webb AUS 58.08
6 Sarah Ryan AUS 28.09
7 Felicity Galvez AUS 28.25
8 Kate Hanna AUS 28.31

9 Shelley McGuirk AUS 28.35
10 Melinda Geraghty AUS 28.47
11 Kate Corkran AUS 28.48
12 Linda Mackenzie AUS 28.56
13 Rachel Coffee AUS 28.65
14 Lara Davenport AUS 28.70
15 Kellie McMillan AUS 28.73
16 Sarah Windsor AUS 29.01

Men's 200m Individual Medley – Semifinal
1 Grant McGregor AUS 2:02.16
2 Justin Norris AUS 2:02.72
3 Robert Van der Zant AUS 2:03.72
4 Trent Steed AUS 2:05.27
5 Michael Higgins AUS 2:06.58
6 Adam Lucas AUS 2:07.05
7 Mitchell Bacon AUS 2:08.06
8 Nathan Taylor AUS 2:08.37

9 Marcus Robertson AUS 2:09.44
10 Rhys Beynon AUS 2:09.84
11 Ashley Anderson AUS 2:10.22
12 Louis Paul AUS 2:10.41
13 Patrick Murphy AUS 2:10.66
14 Rahmin De Kretser AUS 2:12.01
15 Mark Bush AUS 2:12.24
16 Adam Rutter AUS 2:13.24

Women's 200m Breaststroke – Final
1 Leisel Jones AUS 2:27.41
2 Brooke Hanson AUS 2:28.83
3 Tarnee White AUS 2:31.65
4 Kelli Waite AUS 2:33.85
5 Sarah Kasoulis AUS 2:35.14
6 Kate Young AUS 2:35.79
7 Katie Clewett AUS 2:38.18
8 Bianca Conwell AUS 2:41.95

Men' 50m Backstroke – Final
2 Matt Welsh AUS 25.76
3 Beau Mannix AUS 26.07
4 Daniel Blackborrow AUS 27.10
5 Edward Roche AUS 27.23
6 Cameron Delaney AUS 27.36
6 Ethan Rolff AUS 27.36
8 Geoff Huegill AUS 27.70

Women's 100m Freestyle – Final
1 Sarah Ryan AUS 55.66
2 Petria Thomas AUS 56.13
3 Lori Munz AUS 56.19
4 Elka Graham AUS 56.25
5 Giaan Rooney AUS 56.55
6 Jodie Henry AUS 56.60
7 Melinda Geraghty AUS 57.51
8 Cassie Hunt AUS 57.65

Men's 200m Freestyle – Final
1 Ian Thorpe AUS 1:44.69 WORLD RECORD
2 William Kirby AUS 1:48.22
3 Todd Pearson AUS 1:48.88
4 Ray Hass AUS 1:49.71
5 Antony Matkovich AUS 1:50.17
6 Leon Dunne AUS 1:51.36
7 Nic Williams AUS 1:52.26
8 Craig Stevens AUS 1:52.53

Men's 100m Breaststroke Multi-Disability – Final
1 Ben Austin AUS 1:25.87
2 James Sewell AUS 1:27.68
3 Stewart Pike AUS 1:16.15
4 Alex Harris AUS 1:40.45
5 Patrick Donachie AUS 1:18.94
6 Brett Reid AUS 1:21.97
Daniel Bell AUS DNS

Women's 100m Breaststroke Multi-Disability – Final
1 Alicia Aberley AUS 1:21.63
2 Siobhan Paton AUS 1:29.34
3 Judith Green AUS 1:57.32
4 Sarah Bowen AUS 1:59.76
5 Stacey Williams AUS 1:50.04
6 Brooke Stockham AUS 1:40.75
7 Megan Grant AUS 1:32.77
8 Rebecca Balding AUS 1:45.14

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