SwimmingWorld.com Now iPad Friendly With Skyfire Browser

PHOENIX, Arizona, March 30. THANKS to the folks at Skyfire Labs, Swimming World's digital properties are much more user friendly with the use of the Skyfire Mobile Browser.

One of the most difficult things about continuing to provide our users with top flight content, is being able to deliver it wherever you all might be. The introduction of smartphones, along with broadband capable tablets, really made things more challenging as the creators of many of these devices decided to not support Flash content – a coding structure upon which many sites such as our is built.

Now, according to one of our favorite bloggers, the Skyfire Mobile Browser can solve some of these issues, especially when attempting to view our digital properties such as SwimmingWorld.TV on an iPad.

Screaming Viking detailed his trials and tribulations with a new iPad in a recent post entitled A Little Relief from Apple's Arrogance.

When my wife got an iPad for Christmas, I honestly could have cared less. Why bother browsing on a fancy tablet if most of my favorite sites are half blank and none of the videos will play? Swimming World is pretty much a list of dead links and a few ads on an iPad, which sucks because I spend a lot of time there. Also, a lot of buttons and drop down menus don't seem to work correctly without flash either.

This morning I pulled up swimmingworld.tv and the videos actually played! Woo hoo!! I am pumped to go home and load it to the iPad tonight. Finally, a little relief!

Make sure to visit Viking's site for his complete explanation of his Skyfire experience. Also, let us know how the browser works for those of you that visit us on the iProduct line.

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