Swimming Rules Down Under

By Stephen. J. Thomas

SYDNEY, December 23. AN Australia-wide survey has found that swimming is the sport most people Down Under are interested in.

The survey has found that Australians considered swimming to be the sport in which they are most interested.

A cross-section of respondents were questioned on twenty-two of the major sports played or covered by the media during the period March to September (winter season in Australia).

It showed that more than six in every ten people (62 percent) stated their preference for swimming, making the sport a clear leader over tennis, Australian Rules football, soccer and cricket. Our other fooball codes, rugby league and rugby union, motor car racing, athletics and golf completed the top ten.

The research conducted by Sweeney Sports Report measured 'interest' in sports by combining data about participation, attendance, television viewing, radio listening and print media readership.

The research also found swimming to have the highest participation rate in Australia ahead of tennis.

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