Streamlined News: Water Safety Makes Headlines

PHOENIX, Arizona, June 20. WATER safety was the theme of the day today around the world, as programs in the United States, Canada and Spain made news headlines. Here in the U.S., Olympian Janet Evans was on “The Today Show” as part of USA Swimming's Make a Splash effort to make swimmers more comfortable in the water. She and her daughter demonstrated techniques such as blowing bubbles and floating on their backs to show ways to feel comfortable in the water.

Up north, Swimming Canada helped introduce a new campaign called Get Swimming, in which the goal is to get kids involved in swimming and create the World's Largest Swim Team. Similar to Make a Splash, the goal is to reduce drowning rates, with the added goal of getting rid of obesity.

And in Spain, the organizers of the world championships helped sponsor a months-long event called “I Can Already Swim,” in which more than 4,000 young students helped promote the country's belief that every child has a fundamental right to swim. It's a good right to have, and the goal was to get kids swimming at least once a week in a pool around the city. As you can see in this photo, the kids were joined on the last day of lessons by the ever-present Xop, the mascot of the world championships.

All of this coincides with Water Safety Month around the world, which has brought out some great things including the World's Largest Swimming Lesson and weeklong Make a Splash blitz in New York City.

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