Richard Quick Age Group DVD Series Gets Good Review

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It is imperative, in swimming, that you maintain a basic understanding for the fundamentals of our sport. Tools such as Becoming a Champion Swimmer can help coaching staffs, swimmers, and parents develop stepping stones in becoming the best you can be. Richard Quick does an admirable job of teaching a progression. He begins each drill, each stroke, each start, from a basic core position. This simple progression is the highlight of this series.

As a coaching staff this video series can give you a reference point for all of your groups that will allow a swimmer to begin at the novice level and continue learning and perfecting their skills throughout their swimming career. Quick's series will present a vocabulary for your staff which can be included in your team's drill dictionary helping to weave a common thread between your coaches, groups, and swimmers, thus helping to define your team. Teaching mechanics and constantly reviewing basic fundamentals are the building blocks of success in our sport and Quick walks you through the ideals on each video.

As a swimmer you will find the swimming demonstrations for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly are done by quick-learning age group swimmers, not the superstars of our sport. This unique approach allows us to see the simplicity of Quick's teaching. Gone are the days of, "Yeah, he can do that because he's [insert superstar's name here]." Learning with age group swimmers as the model will allow for an immediate transition and impact in the pool. Both young demonstrators throughout the videos are cold and silent but do a great job of following the coach's hands-on direction. The swimmers do a fine job of demonstrating both correct form and share, quite by accident, how to deal with the common errors that most novice swimmers continually make.

This "Quick" glance at age group swimming is a 5-DVD set on the competitive strokes, starts and turns, and will make a valuable addition to your swimming library. Coach Richard Quick's DVD series is a positive contribution to our growing knowledge of swimming. Each stroke and process is initiated with a body position awareness drill. This return to basic is the ultimate way to improve body position, stroke technique and mechanics while striving to achieve a champion swimming stroke. Each of the five videos (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Starts and Turns) is divided into the following sections:

* General discussion and how to get into the floating start position to begin each stroke.

* Stroke analysis in greater detail. You won't be overwhelmed with the depth of knowledge or a new way to swim. Rather, this is a fresh look at the fundamental teaching steps and ideas that will make young swimmers understand how to be great swimmers.

* Demonstrations of common errors, how to correct them, and ideas and tools to help swimmers overcome challenges and weaknesses with a common referral to rudimentary drills.

* Technique drills to use in your workouts to build a perfect stroke. The blueprint on how set strokes up, drills to dodge technique problems, and steps to monitor daily improvement is highlighted throughout this series. The quality of the DVDs is exceptional from the standpoint of fine cinematography and clarity.

Any video on swimming mechanics is a positive step towards swimming faster. This Quick glance at age group swimming will help unit your staff, encourage your swimmers, and help with a common understanding of overall body position and control. Reinforcing the optimum technique will not only enhance performance, but will keep swimmers learning and racing for years to come.

I am pleased to have Becoming a Champion Swimmer as a part of our staff's video library.

Greg Winslow
University of Utah Head Coach

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