Reflections: After the Games

By Jim Lutz

The flame has died, the sun has set, while the anthems still sounded sweet allegiance.

The images are still stirring vividly within our minds.

They part as comrades for four more years until the flame beckons our attention.

They left their hearts for the world to see and their faces filled with uncontrolled satisfaction.

For the elite few who earned the privilege to compete, they have left more than any clock or distance could measure. The Olympians graced our homes for sixteen days with feats of athletic prowess and miraculous courage. Their accomplishments varied greatly yet they are all worthy participants.

The higher, the faster, the stronger, earned the medals to show their greatness. The courageous, the faithful and the persevering earned our respect. A fleeting moment in time can dictate the mortal from the immortal and the heroes from the hurting. But nothing can separate the honor of the title of Olympian.

To serve your country is a noble honor. To represent your country is an awesome responsibility. Giving your best for a cause in which you believe labels you a loyalist, just as doing the right thing can earn you the stature of a humanitarian.

No words can truly describe the athletes we watched in awe. Nor can political undertones cover the brilliance and beauty of the intent of the Games. The Games supplied a banquet of enjoyment, amazement, and patriotism to keep us well-fed for four long years.
The athletes supplied the grace, the eloquence, and the eternal optimism that this world is a great place in which to live.

It is not the accomplishment that gives us ful-fillment, it is our understanding of and appreciation for their accomplishment that should bring us the most joy.

Those in high places can be brought down. Those in low places can be called up. Humility is the awareness of it.

Have a great day…I know I will

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