Preparations for Suit to Reinstate Central Washington University Swim Teams; You Can Help

PHOENIX, Ariz. August 8. A CONCERNED parent has provided the following information to SwimInfo in hopes of drumming up support for efforts to bring suit against Central Washington University in Washington State for dropping the men’s and women’s swimming program. Please contact CWU alumnus Greg Martin for further information.

It's not over yet! In an attempt to get our teams reinstated, our next move
is to file a lawsuit against CWU. We have had overwhelming support of the
community and students. The student vote to raise the athletic fee so that
swimming and wrestling could be reinstated was disregarded by the decision
makers at CWU while they requested that we drop this issue and move on.

After every possible attempt at negotiation with the Athletic Director, President, and the Board of Trustees, it is clear that the legal path is one we must go down.

Not only did Central disregard the students' 71.5% vote to continue funding
the sports by increasing the athletic fee in its recent election, but it also broke a commitment made to students in 1997 when the initial $35 athletic fee was passed. This fee was intended to prevent sports from being cut. By cutting these sports without student input, the University also violated RCW28B.15.041
B.15), which will be a very strong aspect of this lawsuit.

Since we have less than two months before school resumes, we need to get this process in motion ASAP! Two very qualified lawyers have agreed to help us with this case, one of them for free and the other at a much reduced rate.

However, we need to raise $3500 to pay these reduced fees and get the case
started. Since time is an issue, we are trying to get the money together
very quickly. Any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated.
If there is any remaining unused money when this is over, it will be returned to the people who donated it.

Please make your checks payable to "Hanis Greaney PLLC" and mail them to the address below. We will be collecting all checks and delivering them to the attorneys together.

Greg Martin
. . .
Thank you again for all the support you have shown us in the past, present,
and future.

Greg Martin
CWU Alumnus

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