Poll of the Week: Rio’s Ability To Host Olympics (Results)

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 28. IN the past month, the International Olympic Committee has publicly voiced its displeasure over the lack of progress in construction of new venues and refurbishing of existing ones in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics. Measures have been taken to get things done in time for the event in about 27 months, but we wanted to know if you thought it was too little, too late.

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In our last poll of the week question on swimmingworld.com, we asked you if Rio should continue as host of the 2016 Olympics. And it appears the majority of people don’t want that to happen, with 61.11 percent saying the IOC should start looking for a backup city to run the Games in 2016. An article in a London newspaper said London was approached as an alternate host city, but the IOC quickly refuted that claim.

In our poll, 30 percent said Rio should still be host, but what we’ll see in terms of venues will be the bare minimum required to stage the biggest sporting event in the world. And just 8.89 percent said everything will be fine by the time the Games begin, with all construction fully complete and ready for use. We’ll see how things shake out in Rio in the next year or so, as deadlines approach to get things ready for test events and final inspections.

Let’s move on now to the new poll question, and it’s based on one of the questions I ask my guests every day on the Morning Swim Show. I hear a wide range of responses when I ask them to tell me the swimming rule they’d most like to see changed or added, and I wanted to know what the general swimming public thinks. Here are your three choices. First, get rid of the rule limiting underwater kicking in butterfly, backstroke and freestyle to 15 meters. Second, remove the no false start rule, and finally, take out the rule that requires swimmers to do a continuous backstroke turn once they have turned onto their stomachs.

Go to swimmingworld.com now to place your vote in this poll on the right side of our home page. On our next show, we’ll bring you the results.

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