NCAA Div. I: Georgia Takes Two at Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky., Oct. 24. THE Georgia men's and women's swimming and diving teams remain undefeated after a pair of wins against Southeastern Conference foe
Kentucky at the Lancaster Aquatic Center in Lexington Thursday. The Lady Bulldogs posted a 148-90 win, while the Bulldogs claimed a 143.5-88.5 decision over the Wildcats.

"The kids did a good job today," said Georgia head coach Jack Bauerle. "I think particularly under the circumstances of a long bus ride the night before
and (the meet being) in the middle of the week, we had some really good swims."

The two Georgia teams combined to win 20 of the first 21 events en route to victory.

The Men's Meet
Sophomore Robert Margalis and freshman Cole Taylor were double winners for the Bulldogs. Margalis led a 1-2 finish in the 200-yard freestyle, winning the event in 1:39.48, followed by Matthew Owen in second with a time of 1:40.52. Margalis then won the 200-yard butterfly in 1:48.89,
while Andrew Mahaney took second in 1:49.61.

Taylor claimed top honors in the 1000-yard freestyle with a time of 9:20.19, followed by Scot Davis and
Mahaney in second and third, respectively. Taylor won his second event of the meet with a time of 1:50.88 in the 200-yard backstroke. Scott Lenyk and Colin Underhill finished second and third, respectively.

Brent McAuliffe won the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 1:53.36, and Scott Gardner¹s time of 21.24 in the 50-yard freestyle was good for first place. The Bulldog foursome of Peter Osborn, Kyle Salyards, Randy Lam and Damian Alleyne won the 400-yard medley relay with a time of 3:25.24.

In the diving well, senior Kris Daugherty won the 1-meter springboard competition with a score of 298.35, while sophomore Todd Avery took second (260.55). Daugherty and Avery finished second and third, respectively, on the 3-meter.

"I thought we had some great performances from some of our freshman guys, especially Matt Owen, who won the 500 free, and Cole Taylor, who won the 1000 free and 200 back," added Bauerle. "Margalis was his usual self. We had real solid performances across the board."

Senior co-captain Roger Watkins was impressive for the Wildcats, winning the 200y-breaststroke with a time of 2:05.07, and finishing second in the 50y-freestyle in 21.29. Freshman Daniel Farnham won the 100y-freestyle for UK, finishing in 47.12, while fellow freshman Steven Manley took a third-place finish in the 200y-freestyle. Senior Matt Nilson finished third in the 200y-butterfly (1:52.84).

Kentucky was without the services of its top diver, Clayton Moss, who sat out with a minor leg injury, but Mario Rodriguez managed to win the three-meter board for the Cats with a score of 281.40.

"We got some good performances on the men’s side today," head swimming coach Gary Conelly said. "In particular, Daniel Farnham and Steven Manley were both impressive as freshmen, and Roger Watkins gave a great effort."

The Women's Meet
Freshman Mary DeScenza and sophomore Brooke Bassham both won two events for the Lady Bulldogs. DeScenza led a 1-2 punch in the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:49.02, followed by Julie Hardt in second at 1:51.75. Hardt later won the 500-yard freestyle in 4:54.36, with Paige Kearns and Lindsey Ertter finishing in second and third, respectively.

DeScenza won her second event of the day with a time of 2:00.43 in the 200-yard backstroke. Bassham claimed top honors on both the 1-meter (264.98) and 3-meter (261.98) events.

Kearns led a 1-2-3 finish in the 50-yard freestyle with a winning time of 23.66, followed by Lauren Gettel in second and Christie Hupman in third. Ali
Williams won the 1000-yard freestyle in 10:06.12, while Laura Conway finished second with a time of 10:08.96.

Sarah Poewe won the 200-yard individual medley, and Linn Thorburn finished first in the 200-yard butterfly in 2:03.22.

Maritza Correia¹s time of 49.66 in the 100-yard
freestyle was good for first place, while the women¹s 400-yard medley relay team (Gettel, Virginia Pate, Stephanie Buck and Ertter) won in a time of 3:50.75.

"On the women's side, Mary (DeScenza) was good again," offered Bauerle. "Paige Kearns had one of the best meets of her career.

"This meet was important for us to find some third events for some of our swimmers for the SEC Championships, one that is not their best event, but
they still do well in it," said Bauerle. "I think we found a few of those today. I felt like we were in control of the meet the entire time, and it is always great to get a win. I am very happy with the kids' effort. We were not spectacular today, but we could not have asked for more effort."

The highlight event for UK came in the 200y-backstroke, where freshman Brennan Moore (2:04.64) and sophomore Jessica Siegele (2:06.23) finished second and third, respectively. Senior co-captain Emily Johnston gave a solid effort in the 200y-butterfly, finishing in third place with a time of 2:08.00. Sophomore Chrissy Miller picked up a third-place finish, as well, in the 100y-freestyle with a time of 52.31.

Jessica Thompson and Kelli Frost helped UK top UGA in the diving portion of the meet. The duo finished second and third, respectively, in both the one-meter and three-meter boards.

"The women had a little bit of a disappointing day today, but there were still several good efforts," Conelly said. "Brennan Moore competed very well today and I saw a lot of improvement from Cami Miller, also."

The Wildcats will be in action again Friday as they travel to Knoxville, Tenn. for a matchup with the Volunteers. "Tennessee has a strong program," Conelly said. "We feel that under the right circumstances we can go there and be competitive tomorrow. If we perform up to our ability we should give ourselves a chance to win."

The Kentucky-Tennessee meet tomorrow is slated for a 4 p.m. start at the Ray A. Bussard Pool on the UT campus.

Georgia will be back in action Friday, Nov. 1, as the women host California in the home opener at 5 p.m.

Final Score:

Georgia 143.5
Kentucky 88.5

Georgia 148
Kentucky 90

UK vs. UGA

Women 400 Yard Medley Relay
1, University of Georgia 'A' (Gettel, lauren SO, Pate, Virginia JR, Buck, Stephanie SR, Ertter, Lindsey SO), 3:50.75. 2, University of Kentucky-KY 'A' (Siegele, Jessica L SO, Graham, Laura L FR, Bourgeois, Amanda J JR, Hoffrage, Kelly L FR), 3:57.23. 3, University of Kentucky-KY 'B' (Sechrist, Shawna C JR, Trahan, Kendra M JR, Johnston, Emily R SR, Neal, Kelly D SR),
4:04.52. –, University of Georgia 'B' (Hupman, Christie FR, Poewe, Sarah FR, Hardt, Julie JR, Harm,
Tricia FR), DQ.

Men 400 Yard Medley Relay
1, University of Georgia 'A' (Osborn, Peter SO, Salyards, Kyle JR, Lam, Randy JR, Alleyne, Damian FR), 3:25.24. 2, University of Georgia 'B' (Underhill, Colin JR, Martinez, Frank SR, Verhoef, Peter FR, Laban, Josh SO), 3:28.48. 3, University of Kentucky-KY 'A' (Nath, Cody W SR, Watkins, Roger W SR, Cuker, Aaron G SR, Gasparovich, Clay T SO), 3:29.03. 4,
University of Kentucky-KY 'B' (Roberts, Dave S SO, Goodall, Drew M FR, Keyes, Brett R SO, Morris, Evan C
SO), 3:38.30. –, University of Kentucky-KY 'C' (Moore, Cameron H FR, Vogt, Tom J JR, Collins, Chris L SO, Cartledge, Jon D SO), X3:43.93. –, University of Kentucky-KY 'D' (Wolling, Eddie K JR, Arce, Mike J SO,
Nettling, Billy FR, Farris, Andy P FR), X3:45.53.

Women 1000 Yard Freestyle
1, Williams, Ali, Bulldogs, 10:06.16. 2, Conway, Laura, Bulldogs, 10:08.96. 3, Moore, Brennan B, Wildcats-KY, 10:21.29. 4, Thorburn, Linn, Bulldogs,
10:24.15. 5, Miller, Cami M, Wildcats-KY, 10:24.20. 6, Muldoon, Caitlin C, Wildcats-KY, 10:33.15. –, Johnson, Audrey M, Wildcats-KY, X10:55.51.

Men 1000 Yard Freestyle
1, Taylor, Cole, Bulldogs, 9:20.19. 2, Davis, Scot, Bulldogs, 9:32.31. 3, Mahaney, Andrew, Bulldogs, 9:35.79. 4, Mance, Chris R, Wildcats-KY, 10:09.66. 5, Berquist, Darron E, Wildcats-KY, 10:19.51.

Women 200 Yard Freestyle
1, DeScenza, Mary, Bulldogs, 1:49.02. 2, Hardt, Julie, Bulldogs, 1:51.75. 3, Miller, Chrissy A, Wildcats-KY, 1:53.22. 4, Vrooman, Marci A, Wildcats-KY, 1:53.93. 5, Pate, Virginia, Bulldogs, 1:55.90. 6, Bourgeois,
Amanda J, Wildcats-KY, 1:56.83.

Men 200 Yard Freestyle
1, Margalis, Robert, Bulldogs, 1:39.48. 2, Owen, Matthew, Bulldogs, 1:40.52. 3, Manley, Steven J, Wildcats-KY, 1:40.82. 4, Cruz, Daniel S, Wildcats-KY, 1:43.06. 5, Cover, Brandon, Bulldogs, 1:44.53. 6, Lenyk, Scott, Bulldogs, x1:46.71. 7, Keyes, Brett R, Wildcats-KY, 1:47.86. 8, Redinger, Dane P, Wildcats-KY, x1:48.05.

Women 50 Yard Freestyle
1, Kearns, Paige, Bulldogs, 23.66. 2, Gettel, lauren, Bulldogs, 24.42. 3, Hupman, Christie, Bulldogs, 24.47. 4, Chetcuti-McLean, Joanna C, Wildcats-KY, 24.75. 5, Siegele, Jessica L, Wildcats-KY, 25.31. 6, Hoffrage,
Kelly L, Wildcats-KY, 25.57. 7, Neal, Kelly D, Wildcats-KY, x25.89.

Men 50 Yard Freestyle
1, Gardner, Scott, Bulldogs, 21.24. 2, Watkins, Roger W, Wildcats-KY, 21.29. 3, Barros, Fernando T, Wildcats-KY, 21.42. 4, Laban, Josh, Bulldogs, 21.67. 5, Gasparovich, Clay T, Wildcats-KY, 21.72. 6, Verhoef, Peter, Bulldogs, 21.80. 7, Farnham, Daniel W, Wildcats-KY, x21.94. 8, Osborn, Peter, Bulldogs, x23.07.

Women 200 Yard IM
1, Poewe, Sarah, Bulldogs, 2:04.72. 2, Harm, Tricia, Bulldogs, 2:05.62. 3, Correia, Martiza, Bulldogs, 2:07.20. 4, Buck, Stephanie, Bulldogs, x2:07.26.
5, Trahan, Kendra M, Wildcats-KY, 2:13.11. 6, Saxe, Jamie A, Wildcats-KY, 2:13.17. 7, Graham, Laura L, Wildcats-KY, 2:13.33.

Men 200 Yard IM
1, McAuliffe, Brent, Bulldogs, 1:53.36. 2, Lam, Randy, Bulldogs, 1:54.09. 3, Salyards, Kyle, Bulldogs, 1:56.13. 4, Nilson, Matt H, Wildcats-KY, 1:56.28. 5, Cuker, Aaron G, Wildcats-KY, 1:59.64. 6, Moore, Cameron H, Wildcats-KY, 2:03.82. –, Wolling, Eddie K, Wildcats-KY, X2:06.84.

Women 1 mtr Diving
1, Bassham, Brooke, Bulldogs, 264.98. 2, Thompson, Jessica, Wildcats-KY, 257.63. 3, Frost, Kelli, Wildcats-KY, 253.13. 4, Brown, Michelle, Wildcats-KY, 239.10. 5, Cagle, Grace, Bulldogs, 197.18.

Men 1 mtr Diving
1, Daugherty, Kirs, Bulldogs, 298.35. 2, Avery, Todd, Bulldogs, 260.55. 3, Rodriguez, Mario, Wildcats-KY, 237.60.

Women 200 Yard Butterfly
1, Thorburn, Linn, Bulldogs, 2:03.22. 2, Williams, Ali, Bulldogs, 2:05.79. 3, Johnston, Emily R, Wildcats-KY, 2:08.00. 4, Conway, Laura, Bulldogs,
2:08.80. 5, Miller, Cami M, Wildcats-KY, 2:13.44. –, Johnson, Audrey M, Wildcats-KY, X2:17.46.

Men 200 Yard Butterfly
1, Margalis, Robert, Bulldogs, 1:48.89. 2, Mahaney, Andrew, Bulldogs, 1:49.61. 3, Nilson, Matt H, Wildcats-KY, 1:52.84. 4, Cruz, Daniel S, Wildcats-KY, 1:53.35. 5, Cover, Brandon, Bulldogs, 1:54.07. 6, McAuliffe, Brent, Bulldogs, x1:54.86. –, Nettling, Billy, Wildcats-KY, X2:01.24.

Women 100 Yard Freestyle
1, Correia, Martiza, Bulldogs, 49.66. 2, Gettel, lauren, Bulldogs, 52.12. 3, Miller, Chrissy A, Wildcats-KY, 52.31. 4, Chetcuti-McLean, Joanna C,
Wildcats-KY, 54.79. 5, Neal, Kelly D, Wildcats-KY, 56.87.

Men 100 Yard Freestyle
1, Farnham, Daniel W, Wildcats-KY, 47.12. 2, Laban, Josh, Bulldogs, 47.76. 3, Verhoef, Peter, Bulldogs, 48.29. 3, Barros, Fernando T, Wildcats-KY, 48.29. 5, Gasparovich, Clay T, Wildcats-KY, 48.63. 6, Moore, Cameron H, Wildcats-KY, x49.31. 7, Osborn, Peter, Bulldogs, 49.79.

Women 200 Yard Backstroke
1, DeScenza, Mary, Bulldogs, 2:00.43. 2, Moore, Brennan B, Wildcats-KY, 2:04.64. 3, Siegele, Jessica L, Wildcats-KY, 2:06.23. 4, Buck, Stephanie, Bulldogs, 2:06.69. 5, Harm, Tricia, Bulldogs, 2:07.42. 6, Sechrist, Shawna C, Wildcats-KY, 2:08.52. –, Humphrey, Jenaca L, Wildcats-KY, X2:14.09.

Men 200 Yard Backstroke
1, Taylor, Cole, Bulldogs, 1:50.88. 2, Lenyk, Scott, Bulldogs, 1:52.50. 3, Underhill, Colin, Bulldogs, 1:52.61. 4, Berquist, Darron E, Wildcats-KY, 1:59.79. 5, Nath, Cody W, Wildcats-KY, 2:01.11. 6, Roberts, Dave S, Wildcats-KY, 2:01.38.

Women 500 Yard Freestyle
1, Hardt, Julie, Bulldogs, 4:54.36. 2, Kearns, Paige, Bulldogs, 4:57.58. 3, Ertter, Lindsey, Bulldogs, 4:58.43. 4, Vrooman, Marci A, Wildcats-KY, 5:08.59. 5, Bourgeois, Amanda J, Wildcats-KY, 5:10.52. 6, Muldoon, Caitlin C, Wildcats-KY, 5:14.35. 7, Saxe, Jamie A, Wildcats-KY, x5:21.67.

Men 500 Yard Freestyle
1, Owen, Matthew, Bulldogs, 4:29.75. 2, Mahaney, Andrew, Bulldogs, 4:35.96. 3, Manley, Steven J, Wildcats-KY, 4:36.13. 4, Alleyne, Damian, Bulldogs,
4:38.76. 5, Davis, Scot, Bulldogs, x4:39.63. 6, Keyes, Brett R, Wildcats-KY, 4:56.44. 7, Redinger, Dane P, Wildcats-KY, 4:58.43. 8, Mance, Chris R, Wildcats-KY, x4:59.07.

Women 3 mtr Diving
1, Bassham, Brooke, Bulldogs, 261.98. 2, Thompson, Jessica, Wildcats-KY, 261.90. 3, Frost, Kelli, Wildcats-KY, 215.70. 4, Brown, Michelle, Wildcats-KY, 198.23. 5, Cagle, Grace, Bulldogs, 194.25.

Men 3 mtr Diving
1, Rodriguez, Mario, Wildcats-KY, 281.40. 2, Daugherty, Kris, Bulldogs, 274.13. 3, Avery, Todd, Bulldogs, 179.40.

Women 200 Yard Breaststroke
1, Commander, Shantel L, Wildcats-KY, 2:21.10. 2, Trahan, Kendra M, Wildcats-KY, 2:24.35. 3, Graham, Laura L, Wildcats-KY, 2:26.94. –, Pate, Virginia, Bulldogs, X2:20.74.

Men 200 Yard Breaststroke
1, Watkins, Roger W, Wildcats-KY, 2:05.07. 2, Cuker, Aaron G, Wildcats-KY, 2:13.70. 3, Goodall, Drew M, Wildcats-KY, 2:14.42. –, Margalis, Robert, Bulldogs, X2:05.60. –, Martinez, Frank, Bulldogs, X2:07.75. –, McAuliffe, Brent, Bulldogs, X2:10.47. –, Vogt, Tom J, Wildcats-KY, X2:17.12.

Women 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, University of Kentucky-KY 'A' (Miller, Chrissy A SO, Vrooman, Marci A SO, Hoffrage, Kelly L FR, Chetcuti-McLean, Joanna C FR), 3:36.25. 2, University of Kentucky-KY 'B' (Moore, Brennan B FR, Saxe, Jamie A FR, Sechrist, Shawna C JR, Miller, Cami M SO), 3:45.40. –, University of Georgia 'A' (Kearns, Paige SO, Williams, Ali JR, Hupman, Christie FR, DeScenza, Mary FR), X3:31.67.

Men 400 Yard Freestyle Relay
1, University of Kentucky-KY 'A' (Manley, Steven J FR, Farnham, Daniel W FR, Cruz, Daniel S SO, Barros, Fernando T JR), 3:06.17. 2, University of Kentucky-KY 'B' (Redinger, Dane P SO, Nath, Cody W SR, Berquist, Darron E JR, Morris, Evan C SO), 3:17.87. –, University of Georgia 'B' X3:12.01. –, University of Georgia 'A' X3:12.62. –, University of Kentucky-KY 'C' (Gurney, RJ J SO, Farris, Andy P FR, Cartledge, Jon D SO, Collins, Chris L SO), X3:19.05. –, University of Kentucky-KY 'D' (Roberts, Dave S SO,
Nettling, Billy FR, Mance, Chris R SO, Wolling, Eddie K JR), X3:25.66.

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