National Age Group Records Falling Left And Right This Weekend

PHOENIX, Arizona, July 27. A number of national age group records have taken a tumble over the past few days; here’s a complete roundup of the record-breaking swims.

Destin Lasco, 11-12 Boys
Pleasantville Aquatics
200m backstroke, 2:11.59
Previous record: 2:13.91 by Ryan Murphy

400m individual medley, 4:51.03
Previous record: 4:52.24 by Yezan Alsader

Ethan Dang, 11-12 Boys
King Aquatic Club
100m breaststroke, 1:08.96
Previous record: 1:09.48 by Maverick Smalley

VIDEO: Ethan Dang, 100m breaststroke

200m breaststroke, 2:27.88
Previous record: 2:29.01 by Ethan Dang

VIDEO: Ethan Dang, 200m breaststroke

Owen Kao, Justin Nguyen, Andrew Koustik and Hunter Hitchens, 13-14 Boys
Irvine Novaquatics
4x200m freestyle relay, 7:58.03
Previous record: 7:58.64 by Cincinnati Marlins

4x100m freestyle relay, 3:37.77
Previous record: 3:40.75 by Wildcat Aquatics

Andrew Couchon, Parker Hershberger, Jackson Miller and Drew Kibler, 13-14 Boys
Washington Township Swim Club
4x50m freestyle relay, 1:39.56
Previous record: 1:41.34 by Lake Oswego

4x50m medley relay, 1:51.48
Previous record: 1:52.78 by King Aquatic Club

Hannah Weiss, Carolyn McCann, Heidi VanderWel and Ashley Sutherland, 17-18 Girls
King Aquatic Club
4x50m medley relay, 1:54.52
Previous record: 1:56.39 by King Aquatic Club

4x100m medley relay, 4:11.47
Previous record: 4:12.78 by Carmel Swim Club

Ryan Hoffer, Jack Blake, Aaron Apel and Kaleb Gould, 15-16 Boys
Scottsdale Aquatic Club
4×50-yard freestyle relay, 1:23.20
Previous record: 1:23.44 by YMCA of the Triangle

VIDEO: Scottsdale Aquatic Club, 4×50-yard freestyle relay

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Author: Emily Sampl

Emily Sampl, an editorial assistant for Swimming World Magazine, is a freelance writer for USA Swimming and an assistant coach at Boulder High School and Boulder Elks Swim Team in Colorado. Emily graduated with a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Colorado and master's degree in sport administration from the University of Northern Colorado.

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