Morning Swim Show, Jan. 11: Tyler Clary’s Need for Speed, In and Out of the Pool

PHOENIX, Arizona, January 11. TYLER Clary joins today's edition of The Morning Swim Show to talk about his activities in and out of the pool since winning the gold medal in the 200 backstroke at the London Olympics, including making a major announcement first on the show.

Though Clary says he gained weight during his nearly three-month break, he wasn't being a couch potato, finally taking up his passion of race car driving. Learning the ins and outs of race car driving has paid off with a new chapter in his quest to be a professional race car driver, and he talks for the first time about that venture and how it could further his racing career plans. Of course, Clary is still focused on success in the pool, and he relives his experience of winning the gold medal and his outlook for 2013. Be sure to visit SwimmingWorld.TV for more video interviews.

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