Mike Saltzstein Added Back to USA Swimming Officials List After Arbitration

NEW YORK, New York, July 23. ACCORDING to the Associated Press, Mike Saltzstein has been added back to the USA Swimming Officials List after an American Arbitration Association (AAA) hearing came to a conclusion recently.

The AAA decision specifically stated that the initial decision to remove Saltzstein "was arbitrary, capricious, and in violation" of Salzstein's right "to participate as an international referee under the Sports Act."

Saltzstein, who is a former USA Swimming vice president, invoked the Amateur Sports Act to reclaim his position as a member of the USA Swimming Officials List. Saltzstein originally claimed that he was removed from the list due to his public attacks on USA Swimming regarding its sexual abuse policies.

"Coaches who I know and respect have told me this was the right fight at the right time," Saltzstein told the AP. "Around the world, many have written in the last 24 hours to say, 'Congratulations, well done, we look forward to seeing you.'"

USA Swimming responded with a statement questioning the original basis of the claim following the decision.

"The arbitrator's decision in this case was not in any way based on Mr. Saltzstein's original complaint that USA Swimming retaliated against him because of his position on USA Swimming's response to allegations of sexual misconduct by swimming coaches," the statement read. "In fact, during the hearing, (Saltzstein) withdrew his retaliation claim after his counsel admitted that they had put on no evidence of retaliation."

Full text of the Associated Press article.

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