Michael Phelps Enjoys Exciting Annexus Pro-Am Golf Tournament

PHOENIX, Arizona, January 30. SWIMMING World followed the Best of All-Time as Michael Phelps, who was paired with golf superstar Bubba Watson as part of the Annexus Pro-Am day at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Swimming World's Tiffany Elias covered Phelps' journey today in Phoenix live via Twitter, while Swimming World also curated other social media conversation surrounding the event.

Phelps' involvement in the Annexus Pro-Am is another step in the process as he trained with golf instructor Hank Haney as part of The Haney Project, which will begin airing on the Golf Channel beginning Feb. 25.

Live Blogging Michael Phelps at Annexus Pro-Am

Swimming World's Tiffany Elias is keeping up with retired Olympian Michael Phelps in Phoenix!

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Michael Phelps Hears USA Chants, Gets Booed at 16th Hole!swimmingworldtv
@MichaelPhelps taking time to sign a swim cap! http://pic.twitter.com/z6ICzWg1SwimmingWorld
Michael Phelps @michaelphelps gets chants of USA USA at the 16th hole!SwimmingWorld
Ahh, the infamous heckling hole 16 nabs Michael Phelps as a victim @michaelphelps 10,000 fans in attendance!SwimmingWorld
The #16thHole is full of rowdy fans today for the Annexus Pro-Am! http://pic.twitter.com/yAAZvT6MWM Phoenix Open
@MichaelPhelps thanks for making time for all of our awesome WM Phoenix Open Fans! #GreatestShowOnGrass http://pic.twitter.com/PFbnpwoRWM Phoenix Open
Michael Phelps just got booed on 16 after tee shot, after chip and after putt. Finally got a cheer when he placed the ball into the hole.Jason Sobel
There are about 10,000 fans at the 16th hole right now. On Wednesday. For a pro-am.Jason Sobel
Michael Phelps Takes Picture With Lucky Fanswimmingworldtv
@SwimmingWorld in my future retirement I also will improve my golf but Iam afraid I will be about 70 then.Lucky phelpsi ;-).my hcp now:28.Danny3012
@MichaelPhelps getting mic'd up for the infamous 16th hole! http://pic.twitter.com/DuT9PbHFSwimmingWorld
@MichaelPhelps stops to pose with a Phoenix Swim Club swimmer at hole 14! http://pic.twitter.com/gnRRMPLXSwimmingWorld
Interviewing Olympian Michael Phelps at the Phoenix Open Pro-Am. @foxsportsaz #WMPO #golf http://instagr.am/p/VHrlXZObG9/Lisa-Charisse Blanco
Does the PING deal kill any chance of Michael Phelps making a much-hoped-for return at the 2016 Rio Olympics?
@SwimmingWorld I'm loving that you have something on Michael but it is still painful to see him doing any other sport besides swimming.Gina Mastroantonio
@SwimmingWorld just like Michael Jordan did in his career, @MichaelPhelps is going to come back to swimming and retire thenJuan Carlos Reyes
Michael Phelps certainly making some fans' days!
Off to bed! Gotta be up early to head to Scottsdale! Wish me luck! Hope to meet Michael Phelps! You all know how big of a fan I am!! :)Paloma Ari
@MichaelPhelps hits slightly off course! http://pic.twitter.com/sHZPtXYVSwimmingWorld
Phelps lost his ball for a second, and is ecstatic once he finds it!
Michael Phelps Finds Lost Ballswimmingworldtv
@SwimmingWorld @MichaelPhelps Haha! Haven't seen Michael “Ecstatic” since he won the 100FLY over Cavic at World Champs in 2009! Go Michael!Erin Quinn
Michael Phelps' new deal w/ @PingTour golf clubs has him playing custom clubs with gold, red, white and blue.Matt Farrell
@SwimmingWorld goes country clubbing today following a Ping-swinging @MichaelPhelps http://bit.ly/XK9k68Matt Farrell
Michael Phelps Signs Phoenix Swim Club Capswimmingworldtv
Michael Phelps Signing Autographsswimmingworldtv
@MichaelPhelps signing autographs throughout the course! Couple swim caps in the mix! http://pic.twitter.com/NVhLSOzRSwimmingWorld
Michael Phelps Tees Offswimmingworldtv
@WasteManagement Bubba golf. With Michael phelps http://pic.twitter.com/bwnkP1X1brendon
PING Pro @BubbaWatson looks on as @MichaelPhelps hits his #G25 iron on the par-3 4th at the @WMPhoenixOpen Pro-Am. http://pic.twitter.com/x5Cos0qUPING GOLF
Now on the fist tee at the @WMPhoenixOpen Pro-Am, #TeamPING members @BubbaWatson and @MichaelPhelps! http://pic.twitter.com/VKvmeyEiPING GOLF
@MichaelPhelps taking a break on hole 6 to watch a swim video of @bubbawatson's caddy! http://pic.twitter.com/xw1XsIRCSwimmingWorld
Wish I had Michael Phelps body. Upper longer than shorter. Long wingspan. Wide back. Huge hands. Man's a human fish. lolClark Caberto
According to our CEO David Steiner, @MichaelPhelps is carrying their @WMPhoenixOpen #ProAm team http://pic.twitter.com/VRp7MEDfWaste Management
@SwimmingWorld: @MichaelPhelps trucking through the 3rd hole. It's a par 5! http://pic.twitter.com/6bqSMTOgSwimmingWorld
@MichaelPhelps good luck today bro! I will be up in Scottsdale tomorrow to check it all outC. Clark Burckle, Jr
Michael Phelps Practice Swingswimmingworldtv
@MichaelPhelps hits a good drive on the 2nd hole! Bogies 1st hole. http://pic.twitter.com/X4SnLgBsSwimmingWorld
@SwimmingWorld is #GoingtheDistance reporting #OnLand at the @WMPhoenixOpen where @MichaelPhelps takes #Swings as a Golfer!Erin Quinn
While waiting for new great coverage of Michael Phelps golfing in Phoenix, why don't you take the time to watch today's Morning Swim Show with Aaron Wayne!
Aaron Wayne on The Morning Swim Show @amwayne13 @stanfordmswimswimmingworldtv
Michael Phelps in his backswing. #upthemiddle #wmpo #olympian #phelps http://instagr.am/p/VHW3D6Lv7F/Christopher Mark
@bubbawatson interrupted @MichaelPhelps before his first swing with a water joke! http://pic.twitter.com/azwjIgjdSwimmingWorld
@MichaelPhelps and @bubbawatson team photo before the first hole! http://pic.twitter.com/QrjbRK8ASwimmingWorld
@SwimmingWorld @MichaelPhelps @bubbawatson Great Pic of 2 stellar Athletes! But Michael still looks like a #FishOutOfWater!Erin Quinn
Practice swing! @MichaelPhelps http://yfrog.us/5hd5gyedfhgeldczqvtazmdszSwimmingWorld
@MichaelPhelps warming up with a GREEN WM Phoenix Open glove! #GreenOut http://pic.twitter.com/LsQjPBgZWM Phoenix Open
@ErinQuinn11 @SwimmingWorld @MichaelPhelps Fon't forget to switch sides! #symmetrymybrothersymmetry #8swingsperside #DPS #DistancePerSwingLance Robinson
@SwimmingWorld kinda fresh to see a green grass view instead of blue water pool hahahaIma
For our Twitter followers, here's the awesome @michaelphelps picture! http://pic.twitter.com/jy1v1DQXSwimmingWorld
Warming up on the range at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. @MichaelPhelps and @bubbawatson set (cont) http://tl.gd/kshr6fSwimmingWorld
Hearing that Michael Phelps is going to be on the first tee soon…..! Celebrity sightings anyone? Just another day at WMPO concessions!Phoenix Panhellenic
As is typical Michael, he's living the life he wants to live. ?Coinciding with a quote about not being limited, he's also signed with Ping!
Nobody is going to put a limit on what I'm doing. -Michael PhelpsSports Motivation
Michael Phelps has signed a deal with Ping: http://bit.ly/TWMPjS (His clubs are an inch longer than standard and three degrees upright.)Golf Digest
We are excited to announce 18-time Gold medal winner @MichaelPhelps as the newest addition to #TeamPING! http://pic.twitter.com/3XeTtuLfPING GOLF
@michaelphelps is paired up with the legendary @bubbawatson at the Annexus Pro-Am today!SwimmingWorld

A reminder of just what Michael Phelps can do with a golf club! ?MONSTER PUTT in Scotland.

Michael Phelps Amazing Putt!!!simonjwhite30
@MichaelPhelps good luck today at the Phoenix Open playing w @bubbawatson concentrate on what u r doingHank Haney
Great photo! RT @ngocma7 A sunny beautiful day for some golf…remember your sunscreen & sunglasses @WMPhoenixOpen http://pic.twitter.com/hyiNbtdvWM Phoenix Open
Im here now!!”@JLEWFifty: @MichaelPhelps rumor has it you'll be in AZ for @WMPhoenixOpen ?? Heading there Saturday..”Michael Phelps
Got to spend my day on the set of The Hank Haney Project with @MichaelPhelps and @HankDHaney http://pic.twitter.com/kd5igg6KCaroline Overman
Stats about my putting motion today! Great day with @HankDHaney!! Thanks coach! Ready for my pro-am in Arizona !! http://pic.twitter.com/Vb09zIGxMichael Phelps
Michael Phelps Set To Tee Off in Pro-Am Event at Phoenix Open | SWIMMING WORLDPHOENIX, Arizona, January 28. WORLD Champion Michael Phelps, Country Superstar Dierks Bentley, former ABA and NBA star Julius Erving, Sup…

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