Meet of the Week: Denison Splits with Kenyon

By Jason Marsteller

PHOENIX, Arizona, November 4. IF not for a lack of any women's diving at all from Denison, the school would have scored an impressive sweep over both Kenyon's men's and women's teams. Denison's men smashed Kenyon, 140-99, in completely dominant fashion. Meanwhile, Kenyon picked up a scant 117.5-113.5 win on the women's side thanks to 26 unanswered diving points.

For the men, Denison's Bryce Peterson paced the meet with a trio of event titles, while Kenyon's Matt Harris led his team with two.

On the women's side, Denison's Liv Zaleski led all competitors with three event titles, while Audrey Eisenberg, Kenyon's top diver, almost single-handedly led her team to victory with a pair of diving wins.

Women's 200-yard medley relay
Denison took an early 13-4 lead after first event when the foursome of Meg Cassell, Kathy Faingold, M.C. Dain and Kristen Hohl touched first in 1:49.75 to provisionally qualify for NCAAs. The Kenyon quartet of Emily Jacobsen, Tracy Menzel, Maika Lindsay and Liz Carlton finished second in 1:51.31, while Denison's B team of Anna Comella, Rochelle Akradi, Kate Rich and Brittany Oxley placed third in 1:52.10.

Men's 200-yard medley relay
Denison grabbed the first lead of the day, 11-6, after the 200 medley relay. The team of Adam Ulrich, Bryce Peterson, Lowell Byers and Jon Behnke posted a top time of 1:36.83. Meanwhile, Kenyon took second and third with its A squad of Tom Irgenis, Davis Zarins, Carroll Bullock and Josh Mitchell placing second in 1:37.20. Kenyon's B team of Dewey Foley, Joey Gosselar, Doug Huguenard and Matt Yates finished third in 1:40.45.

Women's 1000-yard freestyle
Kenyon cut the lead down to 22-14 in the distance free when Rebecca Allison obliterated the rest of the field with a first-place 10:35.41. Meanwhile, Denison went 2-3 with Catherine Eastman placing second in 10:42.72 and Laura Menard touching third in 10:43.61.

Men's 1000-yard freestyle
Denison extended its lead to 21-15 after the marathon free event. Bryce Peterson, coming off a medley relay leg, won the long-distance race in 9:44.31. Meanwhile, Kenyon went 2-3 with Kegan Borland finishing second in 9:48.81 and Eric Dunn taking third in 9:54.92.

Women's 200-yard freestyle
Kenyon took a 30-25 lead with a 1-2-3 performance in the 200 free. Tina Ertel claimed the title with a B-cut time of 1:55.32, while Danielle Arad took second in 1:56.56 and Katie Moore placed third in 1:58.01.

Men's 200-yard freestyle
Denison kept it up in the 200 free to grab a 35-20 advantage. David Curtis took the title in 1:44.11, while Kenyon's Matt Jacobssen turned in a second-place 1:45.88. Denison's Eric Elligott rounded out the top three in 1:47.44.

Women's 50-yard freestyle
Denison countered in the sprint free to retake the lead, 39-35. Liv Zaleski grabbed first in 24.80, while teammate Kristen Hohl took third in 25.06. Meanwhile, Kenyon's Liz Carlton split the difference with a second-place 24.90.

Men's 50-yard freestyle
Denison pushed its lead to 46-28 in the 50 free when John Geissinger captured the crown in 21.83. Kenyon's team picked up second and third with Josh Mitchell (22.57) and Matt Harris (22.58) battling each other the entire race.

Women's 200-yard IM
Denison stretched its lead to 52-41 in the 200 IM with a top-two sweep. Kathy Faingold touched out teammate Kate Rich, 2:12.46 to 2:12.76, to win the event. Kenyon's Carolyn Barer rounded out the top three in 2:15.38.

Men's 200-yard IM
Denison would not let up in the 200 IM to take a 56-37 advantage. Adam Ulrich won the title in 1:59.49, while Kenyon went 2-3. Joey Gosselar finished second in 2:00.72, while Ryan Volsen placed third in 2:01.71.

Women's one-meter diving
In a classic case of why they call it swimming AND diving, Kenyon's investment on the boards provided it a huge bonus. With no Denison members competing, Kenyon took a 54-52 lead when Audrey Eisenberg won the one-meter with 148.80 points. Meanwhile, Laurel Eckstrand took second with 118.90 points.

Men's one-meter diving
The men's side of the meet proved to be completely different in the diving department. Denison's trio of divers put the meet out of reach with a top-three sweep. Stephen Julka won with 274.95 points, while Russ Bornschein posted a second-place 223.90 total. Kellen Booher rounded out the top three with 151.21 points to give Denison a 72-39 lead.

Women's 100-yard butterfly
Denison responded to earn a 65-60 advantage after the 100 fly. Kate Rich eclipsed the B-cut threshold with a 58.69 to win the race, while teammate M.C. Dain posted a third-place 59.22. Kenyon's Tina Ertel turned in a second-place 58.96.

Men's 100-yard butterfly
Kenyon stopped the bleeding in the 100 fly with a win from Matt Harris in 51.75. Denison's Lowell Byers took second in 52.69, while Kenyon's Carroll Bullock grabbed third in 53.55. At the end of the event, Denison remained in the lead, 77-53.

Women's 100-yard freestyle
Denison vaulted out to a 78.5-65.5 lead after the 100 free. Liv Zaleski claimed the crown in 54.21, while Annamarie Novinger placed second for Denison in 54.71. Jessica Wise closed out the top three for Kenyon in 54.78.

Men's 100-yard freestyle
Denison delivered a knockout blow in the 100 free with a 1-2-3 finish. John Geissinger (47.68), Eric Elligott (49.25) and Rob Steele (49.44) captured the top-three spots to give Denison a 93-56 advantage.

Women's 100-yard backstroke
Denison continued to push its advantage in the 100 back to a 91.5-71.5 lead. Meg Cassell touched first with a B-cut time of 59.51, while Anna Comella placed second in 1:00.23. Emily Jacobssen finished third for Kenyon in 1:00.90.

Men's 100-yard backstroke
Denison took a 50-point lead after the 100 back with its second consecutive top-three men's event sweep. Jon Behnke (53.61), Adam Ulrich (53.65) and Charlie Grodecki (55.24) pushed Denison's lead out to 109-59.

Women's 500-yard freestyle
Kenyon started to make its move in the middle-distance free when it lopped off more than half of Denison lead, 95.5-86.5, with a top-two finish. Danielle Arad captured the title in 5:13.01, while Rebecca Allison picked up second in 5:15.64. Jenny Cunningham finished third for Denison in 5:16.78.

Men's 500-yard freestyle
Denison continued to salt away the victory with a 1-3 effort in the 500 free. Bryce Peterson grabbed the double-distance crown after his 1000 free win by touching in 4:43.79. Teammate David Curtis took third in 4:50.44, while Kenyon's Kegan Borland split the difference with a second-place 4:48.67.

Women's three-meter diving
Diving turned the tide again with an easy 13 points for Kenyon that allowed it to take a 99.5-95.5 lead. Audrey Eisenberg put together the diving deuce with 138.85 points, while Laurel Eckstrand finished second with 95.37 points.

Men's three-meter diving
The men's meet officially got out of control in the second diving break as Denison garnered a 137-68 advantage with another top-three sweep. Russ Bornschein won with 228.35 points, while Stephen Julka pocketed second with 223.12 points. Kellen Booher rounded out the top three with 175.80 points.

Women's 100-yard breaststroke
Riding the momentum of 26 unanswered diving points, Kenyon pushed its lead to 113.5-100.5 in the 100 breast. Jessica Conners cleared the B-cut standard with a first-place time of 1:06.71. Denison's Kathy Faingold turned in a second-place time of 1:08.26, while Kenyon's Tracy Menzel came in third with a 1:08.81.

Men's 100-yard breaststroke
Although down by an insurmountable margin, Kenyon kept fighting with a top-four performance in the 100 breast. The 1-2-3 finish happened in regular fashion, as Denison did not elect to exhibition anyone at this point. Davis Zarins (1:00.42), Joey Gosselar (1:00.57) and Alex Stoyel (1:02.12) helped cut the Denison lead to 140-84.

Women's 200-yard freestyle relay
Denison made a valiant effort in the 200 free relay, but would have needed a top-two sweep to tie the dual meet. Unfortunately for Denison, it came up short, 117.5-113.5, after the meet. The Denison contingent of Kristen Hohl, Liv Zaleski, Annamarie Novinger and Katey Klippel finished first in 1:38.24 to nip the B-cut standard. Meanwhile, Kenyon's team of Liz Carlton, Katie Randall, Jessica Wise and Tina Ertel secured the dual meet win with a second-place 1:38.40.

Men's 200-yard freestyle relay
With the dual meet in hand, Denison finally called off the dogs and exhibitioned its entire relay effort in the 200 free relay. Although the Denison team of John Geissinger, Lowell Byers, Nick Conley and Jon Behnke touched first in 1:26.37, the Kenyon foursome of Blair Withington, Marc Christian, Matt Harris and Josh Mitchell came away with first-place points by clocking a 1:29.12. In the end, Denison crushed Kenyon, 140-99.

Meet of the Week: Kenyon at Denison

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