Masters Swimmers Demonstrate Core Exercises With JR Rosania

PHOENIX, Arizona, January 22. NO matter your ability, every swimmer needs some dryland work to supplement their pool training. JR Rosania, who has worked with swimmers from Olympic champions to rookie Masters swimmers, recently shared some effective core-building exercises with members of the Phoenix Swim Club Masters.

As you will see in these four videos, athletes of any age can find use in these exercises, which will translate to more stability and balance in all four strokes. And none of them feature the typical crunches that most believe is the only path to stronger abdominal muscles. In this first video, Rosania and four Masters swimmers demonstrate the assisted hip elevation, a crucial routine for the obliques and hip muscles.

As you can see from the above video, even those with shoulder issues can use an alternative to get some hip work done!

Using a medicine ball, bench steps can increase your overall neuromuscular strength by making it a full-body exercise. As Masters national champion Mo Rankin mentions in the video, the exercise is a powerful tool in working the much-neglected back muscles, which are crucial for effective starts.

Lunges are a common feature in any team's dryland routine, but try them with a twist while holding a medicine ball, and feel the added work your core gets!

As mentioned in the video, do not lunge so far down that your knee touches the ground.

The seated twist with a medicine ball is also a common dryland routine, and as Rosania points out in the video, it's important to keep your head still during the routine while rotating your shoulders. An important exercise for those having trouble using muscles to rotate on the body axis during freestyle and backstroke.

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Special thanks to JR Rosania, Takahisa Ide and Phoenix Swim Club Masters.

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