Malchow Sets American Record

STOCKHOLM, Jan 24. American Olympic champion Tom Malchow smashed his own national record in the 200m butterfly tonight on the first day of competition of the FINA World Cup IX meet in Stockholm. Malchow won his specialty in 1:52.97, erasing the U.S. record of 1:53.28 he set last February 5.

Former world record-holder and 1996 Olympic champion, Denis Pankratov, of Russia, was almost three seconds back, followed by 15 year-old American Wunderkind, Michael Phelps.

Double world record-holder Therese Alshammar of Sweden, who only two days ago was honored as her country's outstanding female athlete, led a one-two-three Swedish sweep of the 50 meter freestyle.

Alshammar clocked 24.39 seconds, the fastest time ever recorded in a World Cup meet, followed by compatriots Johanna Sjoberg (24.98)and Anna-Karin Kammerling (25.02).

Sjoberg captured a very fast 100m fly race in 57.91 seconds, just off her national mark of 57.73. Kammerling finished second in 58.89.

In other women's highlights, China's 16 year-old Qi Hui won the 100m breast in 1:07.00, just ahead of the USA's Amy Balcerzak, who finished in a strong 1:07.25. Former East German Wundermadchen, Sylvia Gerasch, now a 31 year-old Wunderfrau, was third in her seasonal best, 1:07.57.

U.S. Olympic gold medalist B.J. Bedford took the 50m back in 27.94 seconds, ahead of Jennifer Carroll of Canada in 28.16.

In the men's competition, U.S. Olympian Chad Carvin took the 400m free in 3:43.72, more than 10 seconds ahead of Japan's Ye Inoue.

Croatians took the top two spots in the 100m back with Gardan Kozulj, who last weekend tied the world record in the 200 meters, touching in 52.68 and Ante Maskovic second in 53.22.

Australians took three events. The anticipated duel in the 100 free between former long course WR-holder Michael Klim and Sweden's Lars Frolander, the Olympic champion in the 100m fly, failed to materialize when Frolander withdrew due to a chlorine allergy problem. Klim won in 47.72 with Sweden's Stefan Nystrand, the European champion, second in 47.96.

Jim Piper won the 200m breaststroke in 2:07.69, just three-hundredths slower than the Aussie national record, and 18 year-old Grant McGregor won the 400m IM in a swift 4:09.71, with America's Phelps second in a fine 4:14.40.

Britain's Mark Foster took the 50m butterfly in 23.19 seconds, well off the world record of 22.87 he set in Sheffield last week. Foster said he was happy with the win and was not disappointed that he failed to swim under 23 seconds.



100m freestyle
1. Michael Klim (AUS) 47.72
2. Stefan Nystrand (SWE) 47.96
3. Denis Pimankov (RUS) 48.04

50m breaststroke
1. Michael Fischer (GER) 27.62
2. Jarno Pihlava (FIN) 27.89
3. Bjorn Nowakowski (GER) 27.99

100m backstroke
1. Gordan Kozulj (CRO) 52.68
2. Ante Maskovic (CRO) 53.22
3. Martin Viilep (EST) 55.04

200m butterfly
1. Tom Malchow (USA) 1:52.97 American Record
2. Denis Pankratov (RUS) 1:55.71
3. Michael Phelps (USA) 1:57.20

400m freestyle
1. Chad Carvin (USA) 3:43.72
2. Yu Inoue (JPN) 3:53.80
3. Erik Poenni (SWE) 3:54.10

200m breaststroke
1. Jim Piper (AUS) 2:07.69 World Cup best
2. Morgan Knabe (CAN) 2:11.23
3. Hugues Duboscq (FRA) 2:11.65

100m individual medley
1. Robert Van Der Zant(AUS) 54.46
2. Grant McGregor (AUS) 55.04
3. Christian Keller (GER) 55.12

50m butterfly
1. Mark Foster (GBR) 23.19
2. Michael Klim (AUS) 23.36
3. Adam Pine (AUS) 23.71

400m individual medley
1. Grant McGregor (AUS) 4:09.71
2. Michael Phelps (USA) 4:14.40
3. Darren Wigg (GBR) 4:21.66


200m freestyle
1. Malin Svahnstroem (SWE) 1:59.95
2. Marianne Limpert (CAN) 1:59.98
3. Josefin Lillhage (SWE) 2:00.09

100m breaststroke
1. Qi Hui (CHN) 1:07.00
2. Amy Balcerzak (USA) 1:07.25
3. Sylvia Gerasch (GER) 1:07.57

100m butterfly
1. Johanna Sjoeberg (SWE) 57.91
2. Anna-K Kammerling (SWE) 58.89
3. Tomoka Hagiwara (JPN) 59.56

500m backstroke
1. Barbara Bedford (USA) 27.94
2. Jennifer Carroll (CAN) 28.16
3. Dominique Diezi (SUI) 28.57

200m individual medley
1. Marianne Limpert (CAN) 2:14.10
2. Hanna Stcherba (BUL) 2:15.78
3. Sara Nordenstam (SWE) 2:15.79

50m freestyle
1. Therese Alshammar (SWE) 24.39 World Cup best
2. Johanna Sjoeberg (SWE) 24.98
3. Anna-K Kammerling (SWE) 25.02

200m backstroke
1. Kelly Stefanyshyn (CAN) 2:09.93
2. Reiko Nakamura (JPN) 2:11.75
3. Hanae Ito (JPN) 2:12.61

800m freestyle
1. Ai Mizogucho (JPN) 8:35.50
2. Sarah Collings (GBR) 8:38.59
3. Fabiana Susini (ITA) 8:40.91

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