Lessen Thigh-Area Tightness, Which Can Cause Knee, Hip, Back Pain, With This Dryland Tip

Dryland Tip by Swimming World correspondent G. John Mullen of SwimmingScience.net and CenterofOptimalRestoration.com, Creator of Swimmer's Shoulder System

SANTA CLARA, California, December 20. DR. G. John Mullen is back this week with a Dryland Tip that lessens the tightness of the thigh, which can impact the knee, hip or low back.

The iliotibial band (ITB) is commonly tight in breaststroke swimmers and those with knee, hip, or low back pain. The goal of this exercise is to improve tightness in the ITB, by applying pressure in areas of resistance. Improving tightness in this muscle is likely to decrease mechanical pain in the hip, low back, and knee and to increase hip range of motion.

Lie on your side with a tennis ball under your lower thigh, of the bottom leg, just above your knee. Bend the top leg's knee and place it flat in front of the bottom leg. Push through your top leg and forearms to move the tennis ball. Perform for 30 – 180 seconds.

G. John Mullen is the owner of the Center of Optimal Restoration and creator of Swimming Science. He received his doctorate in Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California. G. John has been featured in Swimming World Magazine, Swimmer Magazine, and the International Society of Swim Coaches Journal.

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