Kansas Athletic Director Disses Students; Renegs on Chancellor’s Promise to Meet

By Rob Kelly

LAWRENCE, Kansas. March 12. DESPITE assurances from Chancellor Robert Hemenway, that the University of Kansas Athletic Director would meet with the student-athletes affected by the cuts, Dr. Bob Frederick, the A.D., has again refused to grant a meeting. On two separate occasions, meetings that I, personally requested, between Dr. Frederick and the student-athletes, family and associates have been denied.

The first proposed meeting on Sunday, March 11, was denied because Dr. Frederick made it clear it was more important for him to watch the NCAA men's basketball selection show on television than to fulfill his responsibilities and meet with the 50 student-athletes whose lives have been affected by the cuts. The second meeting, proposed for today (Monday, March 12) was denied without any reason given. In fact, it should fairly be reported that Dr. Frederick did not "deny" the request; he just didn't bother to respond at all.

This is continuing evidence of the lack of communication that has been so clearly displayed throughout the entire process. The Athletic Director has made himself available for personal discussions but, tehn again, he will leave on Tuesday to attend the men's basketball tournament, and will not return for some time.

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ROB KELLY is President of the University of Kansas Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. He may be reached at: busterk@ku.edu

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