Kalyn Keller’s Diary: World Open Water Champs

(This is the first installment of Kalyn Keller's online diary at the First FINA Open Water World Championships. Kalyn, 15, is the US champion in the 5K.)


Aloha…well, not yet. Right now I am on the plane, and it is a very long flight. Some of us are a little tired, but we're all anxious to get to Hawaii.

Most of us had early morning workouts before we set off. I am very excited to go to Hawaii; I haven't been there since I was 9. It's really interesting to be doing open water, because it is so much different than regular lap swimming on top of a line!

It's quite difficult to train in the ocean when some of us live hundreds of miles away from any salt water. Its also pretty pathetic when us desert folks can't tell the difference between and dolphin and a shark–as I couldn't at the US training camp in Virginia. While I was swimming, I saw a big dorsal fin swimming around me and I thought it was a shark. I headed for the shore as fast as I could go. When I got there, everyone was laughing. It was a dolphin, that wanted to play by swimming next to me. I'm sure I'll be able to tell the difference by the end of this trip.

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