Junior National Championships: Tough Finals Doubles for Allie Szekely, Margaret D’Innocenzo and Sven Campbell

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, August 14. DAY two of USA Swimming Junior National Championships is underway at the IU Natatorium. The 400IM opened this morning's prelims, followed by the 100 freestyle and 200 backstroke.

400 Individual Medley:
The women's 400IM will be back and forth tonight. Expect 200 butterfly finalist Taylor Katz of Sarasota YMCA, swimming out in lane 8, to take it out with Allie Szekely and Katelyn Miller of Firestone, respectively qualified third and fourth in finals. Top-qualifier Allison Brown of the Pleasanton Seahawks may pull away in the backstroke, after she negative split the leg by a second and a half this morning. Szekely, who set a new 200 breaststroke meet record and crushed the competition last night, will command the breaststroke leg. She'll be pressured in the freestyle by Brown, Katz and second-place qualifier Margaret D'Innocenzo, all of whom finished top-eight in the 800 freestyle yesterday.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Katherine Drabot — Ozaukee Aquatics (4:57.24)
Lane 2: Kimberly Williams — Bellevue Club Swim (4:54.70)
Lane 3: Allie Szekely — Central Bucks (4:53.81)
Lane 4: Allison Brown — Pleasanton Seahawks (4:52.63)
Lane 5: Margaret D'Innocenzo — Crimson Aquatics (4:53.44)
Lane 6: Katelyn Miller — Firestone Akron (4:54.65)
Lane 7: Elizabeth Zeiger — Bluefish Swim Club (4:57.13)
Lane 8: Taylor Katz — Sarasota YMCA (4:57.28)

On the men's side, Golden West's Ryan Nelson cut over three seconds in the 400IM this morning to take lane 4 in finals with a 4:27.37. Second-place qualifier Brandon Flynn of the York YMCA dropped almost a second and a half, clocking a 4:28.07. Lake Erie's Austin Quinn earned lane 1 tonight with a massive drop, taking off four and a half seconds, with a 4:29.43. Last night's 200 breaststroke winner Steven Stumph, of Orinda Aquatics, will give the field a run for their money out of lane 8, qualifying for finals with a 4:29.62, a two-and-a-half second drop. Look for an early lead from CUBU's Andrew Seliskar in lane 3, who placed fifth in the 200 fly last night.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Austin Quinn — Lake Erie (4:29.43)
Lane 2: Robert Owen — Crimson Aquatics (4:29.34)
Lane 3: Andrew Seliskar — CUBU (4:28.12)
Lane 4: Ryan Nelson — Golden West (4:27.37)
Lane 5: Brandon Flynn — York YMCA (4:28.07)
Lane 6: Samuel Smiddy — AK Sharks (4:28.22)
Lane 7: Eugene Tee — Santa Monica (4:29.36)
Lane 8: Steven Stumph — Orinda Aquatics (4:29.62)

100 freestyle:
Last night's 800 freestyle winner, Baltimore's Ryan Gillian showed her sprint freestyle capabilities this morning when she dropped nearly two seconds in the 100 freestyle, qualifying third for finals at a 56.61. She still has a ways to go tonight to catch her teammate, Cierra Runge. Runge took the top spot, swimming right on her best time, with a 55.81. Second-place qualifier Faith Johnson, of Star Aquatics, added a few tenths this morning, posting a 56.50. Mecklenburg's Emily Allen snuck into lane 8 after dropping 8 tenths, clocking a 57.21.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Kathryn McLaughlin — Mission Viejo Nadadores (57.10)
Lane 2: Lindsey Engel — Orange County (57.00)
Lane 3: Ryan Gillian — Baltimore (56.61)
Lane 4: Cierra Runge — Baltimore (55.81)
Lane 5: Faith Johnson — Star Aquatics (56.50)
Lane 6: Victoria Toris — Scottsdale (56.77)
Lane 7: Alexandra Meyers — Schroeder YMCA (57.09)
Lane 8: Emily Allen — Mecklenburg (57.21)

The men's 100 freestyle will be a close race tonight, with less than a second separating first and eighth. Santo Condorelli, of the Bolles School, takes lane 4, clocking a 50.67 this morning. Second goes to his teammate Caeleb Dressel, who dropped over half a second with a 50.85 prelims swim. Asphalt Green's Michael Domagala was right on his best time, with a 51.00, and takes third going into finals. Connor Black, of the Cats Aquatics Team, dropped 8 tenths this morning with a 51.32, tying for fifth in finals with Orinda Aquatic's Sven Campbell.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Brett Ringgold — North Texas (51.36)
Lane 2: Sven Campbell — Orinda Aquatics (51.32)
Lane 3: Michael Domagala — Asphalt Green (51.00)
Lane 4: Santo Condorelli — Bolles School (50.67)
Lane 5: Caeleb Dressel — Bolles School (50.85)
Lane 6: John Murray — Alamo Area Aquatics (51.12)
Lane 7: Connor Black — Cats Aquatics Team (51.32)
Lane 8: Clark Smith — Denver Swim Academy (51.53)

200 backstroke:
The outside lanes in the women's 200 backstroke tonight are reserved for the “tough doubles” swimmers. Crimson Aquatic's Margaret D'Innocenzo and Central Buck's Allie Szekely will attempt a 400IM/200 backstroke double in finals tonight. D'Innocenzo, qualifying eighth for finals, dropped half a second in the 200 backstroke this morning, clocking a 2:16.72. Szekely, in seventh, added two seconds with a 2:16.31, but will compete from lane one. Quinn Carrozza, of Nitro Swimming, is the top finals qualifier, adding over a second, but still swimming a respectable 2:13.98. Una Ever's Alexandra Malazdrewicz qualified second, but added a second and a half, with a 2:14.63. Third goes to Kacey Oberlander, of York YMCA, who cut over a second, touching the wall at a 2:14.90.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Allie Szekely — Central Bucks (2:16.31)
Lane 2: Bridgette Alexander — J-Hawk Aquatic (2:15.46)
Lane 3: Kacey Oberlander — York YMCA (2:14.90)
Lane 4: Quinn Carrozza — Nitro Swimming (2:13.98)
Lane 5: Alexandra Malazdrewicz — Una Ever (2:14.63)
Lane 6: Courtney Mykkanen — Irvine Novaquatics (2:15.08)
Lane 7: Kathryn Rowe — Schenectady (2:15.49)
Lane 8: Margaret D'Innocenzo — Crimson Aquatics (2:16.72)

In the men's 200 backstroke, North Texas's Aaron Greene, top prelims seed, maintained his position going into finals. He clocked a 2:02.34, over a second off his time, but still nearly a second faster than second-place qualifier Sven Campbell of Orinda Aquatics. Campbell dropped over a second in the backstroke this morning, with a 2:03.25, and already this morning qualified for finals in the 100 freestyle. Dayton Raiders' Brock Turner swam right on his best, with a 2:03.78, and qualified third in finals. Both Brandon James, of Terrapins, and Jason Chen, of the Pleasanton Seahawks, dropped about three seconds this morning, respectively qualifying fifth and eighth for finals.

The entire finals field is as follows:
Lane 1: Carter Griffin — DU Hilltoppers (2:04.01)
Lane 2: Brandon James — Terrapins (2:03.97)
Lane 3: Brock Turner — Dayton Raiders (2:03.78)
Lane 4: Aaron Greene — North Texas (2:02.34)
Lane 5: Sven Campbell — Orinda Aquatics (2:03.25)
Lane 6: Robert Owen — Crimson Aquatics (2:03.82)
Lane 7: Ryan Ball — Loveland (2:03.98)
Lane 8: Jason Chen — Pleasanton Seahawks (2:04.08)

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