Industry News: Finis SWIMP3 Waterproof Player Hits SkyMall

Comes With Goggles
LIVERMORE, CA, October 1, 2005 — Finis, Inc., the leading innovator of competitive aquatic training products, today announced today that its waterproof SwiMP3 will now be advertised in airline magazines.

Unlike other waterproof players that rely on traditional air conduction technologies, the SwiMP3 player uses bone conduction – the direct transfer of sound vibrations from the cheek bone to the inner ear – to provide the swimmer with exceptional sound clarity. The SwiMP3 player is fully waterproof and can be used with all competitive swim strokes. It holds approximately 30 songs for four hours of continuous music.

"This is a revolutionary step forward for aquatic athletes," said John Mix, President, Finis. "Swimming while listening to their favorite music is a dream many swimmers have long shared. While others have tried to produce waterproof players, results have been less than satisfactory. As the technical leader in the aquatics industry, Finis is proud to be the first to master the technology and bring high-fidelity sound to aquatic sports."

The SwiMP3 player (pronounced "Swim-P-3") allows athletes to hear the same high quality music while they're in the water that they're accustomed to hearing while running, biking or at the gym. While other waterproof players rely on the transmission of sound through water or air, often producing a muffled sound, the SwiMP3 player directly stimulates the inner ear, resulting in exceptional sound quality for the listener.
Bone conduction hearing is a safe, well-established hearing mechanism in humans that the SwiMP3 player leverages to enhance aquatic activity. Finis's application of the technology brings an entirely new level of experience to swimmers, either while working out or taking a leisurely swim.

The SwiMP3 player comes with a pair Lane 4 goggles, ear plugs, carrying case, a USB cable and MusicMatch CD. Finis has a licensing agreement with MusicMatch to provide the MusicMatch Jukebox and download capabilities to the SwiMP3 player.

The SwiMP3 is now available for purchase at for $199.95! (Price includes free shipping within the United States).

SwiMP3 System Requirements
• Windows 98SE, 2000, ME, XP, Mac OS 9, OS X
• Intel Pentium II 233 Mhz or equivalent
• 128 Mb RAM, 35 Mb available hard drive space
• USB port, CD-ROM drive
• Internet connection recommended


Q: What is the SwiMP3?

A: The SwiMP3 is a fully waterproof MP3 player that offers an incredible underwater audio experience.

Q: How does the SwiMP3 work?

A: Standard players rely on the transmission of sound through air or water causing the swimmer to perceive only muffled noise. The SwiMP3 uses bone conduction – the direct transfer of sound vibrations from the cheek bone to the inner ear – to provide the swimmer with exceptional sound clarity.

Q: What features come with the SwiMP3?

A: The SwiMP3 provides a 128 Mb capacity, which can play MP3 files. The unit includes a bass boost mode and the ability to pause and play songs in random order. Additional controls include volume control, shuffle, song next/previous and reset.

Q: Which file types does the SwiMP3 play?

A: The SwiMP3 will only play MP3 format songs. If you have WMA files they can be converted using the SwiMP3 Media Manager (Media Monkey). If you have AAC files they can be converted using iTunes.

Q: What is the maximum depth the SwiMP3 player can reach?

A: Although the SwiMP3 player will be waterproof beyond 10 feet, this is the point at which the water pressure prevents the speakers from vibrating enough to transmit sound.

Q: What type of batteries does the SwiMP3 utilize?

A: The SwiMP3 comes with a built-in lithium ion polymer rechargeable battery that lasts approximately four hours. It is recommended to charge the unit three hours before initial use and for additional recharges.

Q: Is there a higher capacity SwiMP3 or can the SwiMP3 be expanded?

A: Currently the 128 Mb capacity unit is the only model available. The SwiMP3 can not be expanded due to its need to be sealed watertight.

Q: Can I use my own headphones with the SwiMP3?

A: The SwiMP3 does not have a headphone jack due to the transfer mechanism in which sound is transmitted. With standard earphones, the high fidelity sound that bone conduction technology provides would not be available.

Q: What is the warranty of the SwiMP3?

A: The SwiMP3 has a 90-day warranty.
Q: Will the SwiMP3 work with all versions of MAC OSX?

A: The SwiMP3 will work with both versions 9 and 10 of the MAC OS. The SwiMP3 has recently been updated to be compatible with MAC OSX 10.3 (Panther Edition) and MAC OS 10.4 (Tiger Edition).

Q: I like to wear a mask style goggle, are there any that fit the SwiMP3?

A: The Lane 4 Reflex goggle has a goggle strap that can be thread into the SwiMP3. It can be purchased here on our online store.


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