Industry News: Arena – Official Ball Of The Collegiate Water Polo Association

Foxborough, MA, April 25, 2002 — Arena announced today a sponsorship agreement between Arena and the CWPA as the supplier of the official ball for competition. Beginning July 2002, all collegiate club and varsity teams (both men and women) will be required to use the Arena water polo ball for all CWPA sanctioned competitions.

“Arena has worked closely with several CWPA coaches to develop an excellent ball for the sport of water polo,” commented Dan Sharadin, Commissioner of the CWPA. “We are thrilled to begin a relationship which benefits both parties.”

The new relationship will mean that all league hosts will be required to use the Arena ball beginning in July. No other ball will be permitted for use in competition. In order to reduce the transition difficulties to the new ball, the CWPA and Arena are providing every member team with a new ball. Each tournament host will also receive an additional ball.

“We have been working on this project for quite some time. Coaches have been generous with their contribution to the development of this ball while the CWPA has been extremely supportive.” stated Bill Bettencourt, President of Arena North America. “Arena is committed to the sport of water polo. This agreement is the first step in creating win-win relationships to promote the Arena brand and to help grow the sport of water polo.”

The CWPA is a nationwide NCAA water polo conference with over 220 teams. From Washington State to Florida, from Maine to Southern California, the CWPA hosts competitions both at the varsity and collegiate club level. The CWPA officially began in 1993 after the merger of the Southern and Eastern conferences into the mid-Atlantic Conference. In 1993 there were 39 total teams. In less than 10 years the CWPA has grown the conference to be the largest in the country.

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