Gould Foundation Donates $600K to USA Swimming

COLORADO SPRINGS, Nov. 26. USA Swimming announced today that the Joseph B. Gould Foundation has pledged $600,000 to the organization, payable over five years beginning in 2002, to be used for coaching incentives and rewards.

USA Swimming will add $180,000 to the program in 2002, meaning that $300,000 will be available next year for The Joseph B. Gould National Team Coaches Incentive and Reward Program.

With the help of a grant from the United States Olympic Committee, USA Swimming gave out a total of $370,000 in 2001 divided between 18 National Team coaches, based on their athletes' performances at the 2001 World Championships.

"The Gould Foundation is an organization that tries to give money to a variety of different causes from arts to athletics to the needy. We are a well-rounded organization," said Carolyn Dirks, President of the Joseph B. Gould Foundation. "We are so thrilled and happy to be a part of USA Swimming and to be involved with a such a great program."

The Joseph B. Gould National Team Coaches Incentive and Reward Program is intended to help ensure USA Swimming's continued success in international competition. The program seeks to identify and support those coaches who are preparing athletes for medal-winning performances, as well as those providing a foundation for success in the critical development years of international medalists.

Both an athlete's current coach and his/her developmental coach are eligible to receive shares of the total money available each year for the designated priority competition. In 2002, that competition will be the Pan Pacific Championships, followed by the World
Championships in 2003 and the Olympic Games in 2004.

Current coaches must have coached the swimmer for at least 16 of the 24 months preceding the performances. Developmental coaches must have coached the athlete for at least three of the eight "critical development years" (ages 11-18).

"We are very excited about the program and are so appreciative of the Gould Foundation's interest and involvement in this venture," said Chuck Wielgus,
USA Swimming Executive Director. "Their generous support will help ensure the continuation of an important program and we are pleased to name the
program in the foundation's honor."

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