Go Swim has Free Content! Honoring Their 10-year Anniversary

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 11. IN honor of their 10-year anniversary, Go Swim is offering an incredible deal: they are giving away free access to everything they have ever produced this past decade. Starting tomorrow, October 12, viewers who sign up with the site will have three days to review all of the content GoSwim.tv has ever produced. After the three-day trial period, viewers can choose to become a permanent subscriber and continue their access all of the excellent content Go Swim produces on a regular basis.

Go Swim published their first Drill of the Week in July 2003, and since then they have shared more than 20 million videos online, free of charge. In 2004, Go Swim published their first DVD starring 200 butterfly Olympic gold medalist Misty Hyman. In the following years, Go Swim has partnered with the top athletes and coaches in the world, such as Dave Dennison and the late Fran Crippen, to bring subscribers consistent top-of-the-line content. Recent developments include producing one of swimming's first Apps in January 2010, providing coaches and swimmers tips and techniques right to their smart phones.

Swimming World caught up with site co-founder Glenn Mills, who had the following to say about the initial creation of the site and its goals for the future:

Go Swim was started as our own public diary of what we were working on with our own swimmers. It was a way to be public about our technique beliefs so people would tell us if we weren't doing the right things. The goal was for each of us to be the absolute best teachers to the swimmers in front of us that we could. We're not there yet, but still working toward that.

The goal of the site now is to make a coach's job easier and more effective. By building support tools for coaches and teams, and by helping swimmers understand how important proper technique is. We're going to be using technology to help teach technique and we're excited about the tools we're currently in development of. We're giving people an opportunity to see what's in the site even before some of these tools are finished. If you like what's there now, you'll love what's coming.

Be sure to check it out! And take a site tour while you're at it!

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