Day One Finals at Arena Grand Prix – Orlando Provides Plenty of Stars

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ORLANDO, Florida, February 14. THE stars came out to play during the first night of swimming at the Arena Grand Prix – Orlando as Olympic gold medalists littered the championship heats this evening.

Meanwhile, Clearwater youngster Becca Mann kept on putting her name forward, just like she did with multiple Trials finals last summer. Tonight, she earned a pair of podium finishes, one being a triumphant conquest of the 400 IM with her second-best swim ever in the event.

Live Coverage of Day One Finals at Arena Grand Prix – Orlando

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Friday prelim heat sheets @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Ryan Lochte talks about filming his reality show and almost posing nudeThursday was his first "day off'' after two weeks of filming his reality show, "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?'' The six-episode series is sc…
Arena Grand Prix SeriesOrlando Florida #RyanLochte #son#swimmers #hardwork#dedication#ArenaGPORDjosephina4
Rumor has it that E! will be following @ryanlochte around tomorrow @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD for his reality TV show.SwimmingWorld
Hhhmm @EveandCandace def should there tomorrow… RT @SwimmingWorld: Rumor has it that E! will be (cont)
@rikmaa @SwimmingWorld the plot thickens!Eve and Candace
@SwimmingWorld @ryanlochte @arenausa ughh! Why could E! Have gone to Austin!!! I would've been on TV! Lollourdes martinez
@huniibadger @swimmingworld @ryanlochte @arenausa Right? My gifting moment could of been captured for the cameras. Ponce
@SwimmingWorld @icedcofnewyork @arenausa wooh one step closer to coming on E! Lollourdes martinez


Arena Grand Prix Money List: More Than $50K Earned Thus Far | SWIMMING WORLDArena Grand Prix Money List: More Than $50K Earned Thus Far | SWIMMING WORLD


German squad tops men's 400 free relay finale in 3:26.83 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Event 10 Men 400 LC Meter Freestyle Relay================================================================================== 
American: A 3:08.24 8/11/2008 USA Olympic Team M Phelps, G Weber-Gale, C Jones, J Lezak U.S. Open: O 3:14.20 4/6/2003 Team USA/Duel in the Pool S Tucker, N Dusing, J Lezak, N Walker Team Seed Finals Points ================================================================================== 
 1 Germany 'A' 3:24.00 3:26.83 1) Lebherz, Yannick 24 2) Wolf, Felix 23 3) Spielhagen, Tom 16 4) Suck, Tim Thorben 19 24.36 50.82 (50.82) 1:15.24 (24.42) 1:42.87 (52.05) 2:07.36 (24.49) 2:35.74 (52.87) 2:59.51 (23.77) 3:26.83 (51.09) 
 2 Bolles School Sh-FL 'A' 3:27.84 3:29.93 1) Booth, Josh 17 2) Condorelli, Santo 18 3) Dressel, Caeleb 16 4) Murphy, Ryan 17 25.73 53.32 (53.32) 1:10.83 (17.51) 1:18.58 (7.75) 1:45.80 (34.97) 3:03.42 (1:17.62) 3:29.93 (1:44.13) 
 3 Redlands Swim Te-CA 'A' 3:28.88 3:30.70 1) Tulupov, Daniil 24 2) Hale, Joseph 22 3) Coan, Kyle 17 4) Shvetsov, Dmitriy 20 25.07 52.69 (52.69) 1:17.57 (24.88) 1:45.13 (52.44) 2:09.86 (24.73) 2:37.37 (52.24) 3:03.19 (25.82) 3:30.70 (53.33)


York YMCA wins women's 400 free relay in 3:54.84 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Event 9 Women 400 LC Meter Freestyle Relay================================================================================== 
 American: A 3:34.24 7/28/2012 USA Olympic Team M Franklin, J Hardy, U.S. Open: O 3:35.11 8/21/2010 USA Pan Pacific Team N Coughlin, J Hardy, A Weir, D Vollmer Team Seed Finals Points ================================================================================== 
 1 York YMCA-MA 'A' 3:51.82 3:54.84 1) Harnish, Courtney 13 2) Price, Nicole 17 3) Griffin, Victoria 17 4) Small, Meghan 14 28.39 58.92 (58.92) 1:27.08 (28.16) 1:57.39 (58.47) 2:25.64 (28.25) 2:56.43 (59.04) 3:24.37 (27.94) 3:54.84 (58.41) 
 2 Bolles School Sh-FL 'A' 3:23.39Y 3:56.64 1) Thomas-Howells, Siwan 15 2) Hodgson, Jessica 17 3) Rasmus, Claire 16 4) Schmidt, Kasey 15 28.58 59.49 (59.49) 1:27.57 (28.08) 1:58.34 (58.85) 2:26.86 (28.52) 2:57.59 (59.25) 3:25.33 (27.74) 3:56.64 (59.05) 
 3 Dynamo Swim Club-GA 'A' 3:52.62 3:57.31 1) Stewart, Kylie 16 2) Christy, Katie 16 3) Christy, Jamie 17 4) Stafford, Nicole 18 28.54 58.83 (58.83) 1:16.52 (17.69) 1:26.74 (10.22) 1:57.95 (41.43) 2:26.49 (28.54) 3:57.31 (1:59.36)


Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary went out hard, and nearlypaid the price as a few freestyle studs came charging down the stretch.  But, Clary still managed to stand atop thepodium with a winning time of 4:24.56 even with a 30.77 final split.  His initial big lead with a 2:03.55 at thehalfway mark wound up being more than enough for the win.  That gave him a second gold medal on thecircuit, having earned a gold and three silvers in Austin. 


Davie's Esteban Enderica turned on the steam down thestretch with a 31.10 and 28.40 final two splits on the freestyle en route tosecond with a 4:25.12.  Meanwhile, ConorDwyer earned third-place honors with a 4:25.30 after an even more impressivefreestyle leg with a 30.42 and 28.00 down the stretch. 


York's Brandon Flynn (4:31.28), Mexico's Miguel RoblesCastro (4:32.36), Wilton Y's Ian Rainey (4:33.60), Island's Eric Hedlin(4:33.78) and Venezuela's Carlos Claverie (4:38.49) completed the championshipheat. August Querciagrossa surged to victory in the B final with a strong4:30.95. 

Winners @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD get to choose a gift card for first place! See here @TylerClary after the 400IM
@TylerClary holds off hard-charging pack for men's 400 IM win in 4:24.56 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@SwimmingWorld I'm really proud of @TylerClary and his victory of the 400m Medley. I'm impressed.Clarence Pryor
August Querciagrossa's 4:30.55 is good enough for the B final win in the 400 IM! @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Clearwater's Becca Mann, 15, earned her second medal of thenight.  After taking bronze in the 200free, she followed up with a victory in the distance medley with a 4:41.24,which is her second-fastest swim of all time. Her best time of a 4:39.76 from the Junior Pan Pacific Championshipslast summer, while she topped her best effort at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trialsof 4:41.61 from last summer.  Mann nowhas six total medals on the circuit.


The rest of the podium came by way of medal-newcomers to thecircuit as Samantha Arevallo Salinas earned silver in 4:50.23, while Dynamo'sKylie Stewart gave the U.S. Junior National Team two out of the three podiumplacements with a 4:52.08.


KING's Carolyn McCann (4:58.17), Pine Crest's Casey Francis(4:59.40), Alena Kluge (5:00.68) and Saint Andrew's Tasija Karosas (5:05.60)also put up finishes in the finale. Saint Andrew's Rachel Bradford-Feldman wound up drawing a disqualification.

Becca Mann wins the 400IM at the #ArenaGPORD! 4:41.24
Becca Mann keeps on trucking, wins 400 IM in 4:41.24 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@SwimmingWorld @ArenaUSA becca mann leaves me running out of adjectives to describe how great she is.Pammy(licious)
Incredible breast leg! "@SwimmingWorld: Becca Mann keeps on trucking, wins 400 IM in 4:41.24 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD"Molly Handley
Andreina Pinto prevails in women's 400 IM B final with a 5:00.51 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Tyler McGill, a butterfly specialist who helped the U.S. togold in the 400 medley relay at the 2012 London Olympics, put on the steam downthe stretch with a 28.06 to beat superstar Ryan Lochte to the wall, 53.38 to54.40.   Meanwhile, Bolles' SantoCondorelli completed the top three with a time of 54.62.

The win is McGill's first medal of the series, while Lochte has been a busy beaver on the circuit.  He's swum at each stop, opening with five golds in Minneapolis, before earning a gold and a bronze in Austin.  Lochte is now up to $3,400 in overall winnings. 


Club Wolverine's Wu Peng (54.63), Swim Ontario's ZackChetrat (54.99), Adam Brown (55.05), Bolles' Joseph Schooling (55.20) and BryceBohman (55.63) also competed in the finale. Meanwhile, Bolles' Ryan Murphy put on a show in the B final with a 54.88for the win after just missing the A final.

Tyler McGill beats @RyanLochte to the wall for 100 fly title, 53.38-54.40 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Great start to the long course season! Always good to win! 50 free tomorrow morning. #AreanGPORDTyler McGill
Before the men's 100m fly Swimming
Ryan Murphy blasts B final in men's 100 fly with a 54.88 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Four-time Olympic gold medalist Dana Vollmer turned up theheat with a 31.49 final split to clear 59 seconds and earn the title with a58.91.  This is Vollmer's first meet backsince capturing a gold-medal trifecta at the 2012 London Olympics.  Denmark Olympian Jeanette Ottesen pushed thepace en route to a silver-winning time of 59.36, while Canada's Audrey Lacroixalso beat 1:00 with a 59.71.

The bronze is Lacroix's third medal of the circuit, as she won gold and silver in Austin and is now up to $900 in race winnings thus far. 


Colorado Stars' Missy Franklin, swimming in one of her fewoff events, took fourth with a 1:01.20, while New York Athletic Club's KimVandenberg tied Canada's Samantha Cheverton with matching 1:01.70s.  Dynamo's Nicole Stafford (1:02.13) and Canada'sSandrine Mainville (1:02.98) also vied for the championship title. 

Post finals foto op with @danavollmer @azadalbarazi & @cmagsflyer in Orlando Alexandrov
@DanaVollmer surges to victory in women's 100 fly with a swift 58.91 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Dana! I have missed you so much #ArenaGPORDKatie
Kendra Chernoff's 1:01.78 is good enough to win the B final of the women's 100 fly! @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


It came down to the touch, but Davie's Felipe Lima surged pastTrojan's Mike Alexandrov for the victory, 1:00.86 to 1:00.90.  Lima split a 31.94 on the way home to catchAlexandrov as the pair of Olympians dueled down the finish.  Tennessee's Brad Craig clinched bronze with atime of 1:03.28.

Alexandrov has been busy on the Arena Grand Prix circuit already, having competed at each of the three stops thus far.  He took two golds in Minneapolis, a gold and a bronze in Austin and now has his first silver on the tour. He's earned nearly $2,000 from those finishes. 


Azad Al-barazi (1:03.39), Venezuela's Carlos Claverie(1:03.48), Gabriel Souza (1:03.58), Mexico's Christian Schurr Voigt (1:03.79)and Swim Ontario's Warren Barnes (1:05.06) rounded out the rest of thechampionship finale. 

Brazil's Felipe Lima scores victory in m 100 breast with a scorching 1:00.86 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@SwimmingWorld Great race between Alexandrov and Brazil's Lima! What a back-half Lima had! Down to the #Touch! #AreanGPORDErin Quinn
Bartosz Zarzecki wins B final of m 100 breast in 1:04.38 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Jamaican Olympian Alia Atkinson went out fast and kept herspeed throughout as she grabbed the title in 1:08.51.  She went out in 32.30, and came home in36.21, keeping Katie Meili at bay.  Meiliwound up earning silver with a time of 1:09.00, while Sweden's Rebecca Ejdervikclosed out the top three in 1:09.49. Atkinson, who has competed in a trio of Olympics for Jamaica, startingin 2004, is still looking to score more hardware as she continues to representJamaica well.


Germany's Margarethe Hummel was one of three young teens inthe finale at just 15, and wound up taking fourth overall in 1:10.30.  Canada's Martha McCabe (1:10.76) and SMU'sRaminta Dvariskyte (1:10.95) finished fifth and sixth, while the two otherteenagers Kennedy Lohman, 14, and Davie's Emily Kopas, 16, took seventh andeighth with a 1:12.40 and 1:13.51, respectively. 

FIrst grand prix win. GO SOFLO @swim4soflo @FlaSwimNetworkAlia Atkinson
Congrats to Alia Atkinson for her first OrlandoFacebook
Alia Atkinson wins at the touch with a 1:08.51 in the w 100 breast @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Carolyn McCann of KING tops B final of w 100 breast in 1:12.09 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Germany's Yannick Lebherz held on to capture a hard-foughtvictory, and his first medal of the circuit, as he clocked a 1:49.48.  He just touched out a pair of hard-chargingswimmers in Conor Dwyer and Australia's Robert Hurley, who wound up sharing thesilver medal with matching 1:49.81s. Lebherz did not improve his prelim-leadingtime of 1:50.31 much, but he didn't need it. He did, however, clear his seed time of 1:49.50 by a sliver.    Dwyer and Hurley, meanwhile, battled it outwith Hurley blazing down the stretch with a sizzling 27.24 final split.


Club Wolverine's Michael Klueh earned fourth in 1:50.61, whilea run of Olympians comprised the rest of the championship heat as Ryan Lochte(1:50.78), Tyler Clary (1:50.99), Charlie Houchin (1:51.06) and Ryan Cochrane(1:51.57) didn't have enough in the tank to challenge for a podium spot thisevening. 

@YannickLebherz touches out stocked field for men's 200 free title 1:49.48 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
@USA_Swimming Congrats to @conorjdwyer n blazing @bobby_hurley You guys rocks! See u in #Rio2016Ima
Alec Page races to victory in m 200 free B final with 1:51.99 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
Dylan Carter at the Orlando Grand Prixvideosbybess


Colorado Stars' Missy Franklin earned her 10thgold medal of the Arena Grand Prix circuit as she raced to a 1:58.01 for thewin.  That performance not only scoredher a 10th win, but gave her an 11th medal overall.   She won'tbe keeping any of the money, but she has now earned more than $5,000 in racewinnings from circuit sponsor Arena.


Canada's Samantha Cheverton raced to her first medal of thetour with a silver-winning 2:00.10, while Clearwater 15-year-old Becca Mannrounded out the podium with a bronze-winning 2:00.28. After taking Austin off,Mann is back to her medalwinning ways, having picked up two golds, a silver anda bronze at the Minneapolis stop in the winter. 


Canada's Barbara Jardin (2:00.92), Dynamo's Nicole Stafford(2:02.86), Germany's Saskie Roschinsky (2:03.17), Ashley Steenvoorden (2:03.38)and SwimMAC's Kathleen Baker (2:03.54) also competed for the championship titlethis evening. 

Matt Nardozzi
@FranklinMissy vying for her 10th Grand Prix event title @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
57.67 for @franklinmissy at the halfway mark @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD
A 15 year old vs a Olympic gold medalist. Interesting #ArenaGPORDJarrett Brown
Alexa Komarnycky backhalves way to win in w 200 free B final 2:03.04 @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


2013 Orlando Grand Prix – Finals Day 1USA Swimming Network in , Colorado


Heat sheets for tonight's finals @ArenaUSA #ArenaGPORD


Check out all the action from this morning below!
Day One Prelims at Arena Grand Prix – Orlando Full of International Talent | SWIMMING WORLDDay One Prelims at Arena Grand Prix – Orlando Full of International Talent | SWIMMING WORLD


Slipping school for the Grand Prix!! Spamming soon :) @hannahswimmerMcKenley Howard
Missy Franklin @m_franklin1237 @franklinmissyMcKenley Howard
Lunch with these guys#ArenaGPORD @manuel001331 @jemallegrand @jorrgroters @lucasnbritoRafael Van Leeuwaarde
Lunch at UNO!#davienation #davienadadores #ArenaGPORD @danivdb @lucasnbrito @miafiorenziRafael Van Leeuwaarde
First day at the Orlando Grand Prix!!! #DavieNadadores #davienation #swimming #ArenaGPORDRafael Van Leeuwaarde
Hey hey it's the Bolles Sharks! #arenagpordFlorida Swim Network
Swimmers checking in at the Grand Prix #arenagpordFlorida Swim Network
Davie Nadadores Off to Orlando Grand Pre! @rafa_vleeuwaarde @lucasnbrito @jorrgroters @danivdb @miafiorenzi #DavieNation #swimmeet #arenaGPORD #orlandoboundJemal Le Grand
On our way to Orlando!!! #GrandPrix #Orlando #ArenaGPORD #davienadadores @lucasnbrito @flupoliRafael Van Leeuwaarde

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