Cumberland College Fares Well At Kentucky Relays

LEXINGTON, Kent., Nov. 4. ON October 28th the Cumberland College swimming team traveled to the Lexington to compete in the University of Kentucky Relays. The Patriot ladies placed third overall as the men tied for second with Transylvania.

The Patriot ladies finished the day placing in almost every event. In the 100 yard butterfly, Heideman and Shanks placed second, while Perry and Maples placed third in the 100 yard backstroke. In the 100 yard breaststroke, the Patriot Ladies had two different pairs, placing sixth and seventh respectively. Maples and Perry placed second in the 100 yard freestyle, with two other pairs placing sixth and eighth. Shanks, Perry, and Heideman placed second overall in the 350 yard butterfly. In the 350 yard breaststroke, Grimes, Lowery, and Mack placed fourth, with Royer, Maples, and Shanks taking third in the 350 yard freestyle. Cumberland also placed second in the 200 yard medley and fifth in the 400 yard medley.

For the Patriots, in the 100 yard butterfly, Daniel McCord and Aaron McCormick placed fourth for Cumberland. In the 100 yard backstroke, Ian Wenstrand and Jeremy Stephenson placed fourth while Will Thompson and Vito Wagner placed sixth. Duncan Mackie and Noel Zvonar placed third in the 100 yard breaststroke, placing fifth was Lewis Jackson and Trevor Tenbrink.

In the 100 yard freestyle, Cumberland had six pairs competing, placing fourth, sixth, seventh, ninth, tenth, and 11th. McCord, McCormick, and Brad Mitchell placed third in the 350 yard Butterfly. In the 350 yard backstroke, Stephenson, Wagner, and Wenstrand placed third while Tenbrink, Zvonar, and Mackie placed first in the 350 yard breaststroke. This first place finish was the only one for the Patriots. In the 350 freestyle relay, Cumberland had four pairs competing, placing fifth, sixth, eighth, and ninth. The Patriots finished third and fifth in the 200 yard medley and fourth in the 400 yard medley.

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