Canada’s Whitfield Takes Men’s Triathlon

Simon Whitfield of Canada won the Men's Triathlon with a ferocious sprint in the last 400 meter to pass Stephan Vuckovic from Germany. His time was 1:48:02 to Vuckovic's 1:48:37. It was closer than the time shows as Vuckovic stopped to take a German flag and celebrate his SILVER medal the last few meters to the line. Picking up the BRONZE in 1:48.46 was Jan Rehula of the Czech Republic.

Australia finishers were:
6. Miles Stewart 1:49:14
16. Craig Walton 1:50:01
34. Peter Robertson 1:51:39

American men finished:
17. Hunter Kemper 1:50:05
25. Ryan Bolton 1:50.52
40. Nick Radkewich 1:53:44

Craig Walton of Australia led the entire swim, but only by a few seconds, and made several attempts to get away on the bike, but none of his attacks could stick. Finally Fenchman Olivier Marceau pulled away late in the bike with Conrad Stoltz of South Africa. They held a one minute lead going into the run and Marceau led for the first 5K of the run before being overtaken by Vuckovic. Whitfield kept Vuckovic in striking distance and then blew past him with less than 200 meters to go.

Full Men's Triathlon Results:

1, Simon Whitfield, Canada, 1h48:24.02.
2, Stephan Vuckovic, Germany, 1h48:37.58.
3, Jan Rehula, Czech Republic, 1h48:46.64.
4, Dmitriy Gaag, Kazakstan, 1h49:03.57.
5, Ivan Rana, Spain, 1h49:10.88.
6, Miles Stewart, Australia, 1h49:14.52.
7, Olivier Marceau, France, 1h49:18.03.
8, Reto Hug, Switzerland, 1h49:21.30.
9, Simon Lessing, Britain, 1h49:24.32.
10, Timothy Don, Britain, 1h49:28.85.
11, Andriy Glushchenko, Ukraine, 1h49:30.17.
12, Andreas Raelert, Germany, 1h49:31.28.
13, Martin Krnavek, Czech Republic, 1h49:38.01.
14, Leandro Macedo, Brazil, 1h49:50.69.
15, Volodymyr Polikarpenko, Ukraine, 1h49:51.78.
16, Craig Watson, New Zealand, 1h50:01.85.
17, Hunter Kemper, Longwood, Fla., 1h50:05.56.
18, Markus Keller, Switzerland, 1h50:15.25.
19, Carl Blasco, France, 1h50:18.02.
20, Conrad Stoltz, South Africa, 1h50:24.39.
21, Takumi Obara, Japan, 1h50:29.95.
22, Juraci Moreira, Brazil, 1h50:44.79.
23, Eneko Llanos, Spain, 1h50:48.35.
24, Jean-Christophe Guinchard, Switzerland, 1h50:50.76.
25, Ryan Bolton, Gillette, Wyo., 1h50:52.95.
26, Hamish Carter, New Zealand, 1h50:57.17.
27, Craig Walton, Australia, 1h50:57.66.
28, Oscar Galindez, Argentina, 1h50:59.48.
29, Johannes Enzenhofer, Austria, 1h51:02.48.
30, Csaba Kuttor, Hungary, 1h51:05.74.
31, Stephan Bignet, France, 1h51:12.15.
32, Alessandro Bottoni, Italy, 1h51:18.13.
33, Vasileios Krommydas, Greece, 1h51:28.94.
34, Peter Robertson, Australia, 1h51:39.04.
35, Joachim Willen, Sweden, 1h51:40.80.
36, Hideo Fukui, Japan, 1h52:04.79.
37, Gilberto Gonzalez, Venezuela, 1h52:13.03.
38, Ben Bright, New Zealand, 1h52:17.26.
39, Armando Barcellos, Brazil, 1h53:42.63.
40, Nick Radkewich, Hudson, Ohio, 1h53:44.63.
41, Matias Brain, Chile, 1h53:44.90.
42, Eric van der Linden, Netherlands, 1h54:32.04.
43, Rob Barel, Netherlands, 1h55:36.69.
44, Jan Knobelauch Hansen, Denmark, 1h55:42.06.
45, Roland Melis, Netherlands Antilles, 1h56:11.95.
46, Hiroyuki Nishiuchi, Japan, 1h56:59.76.
47, Mikhail Kuznetsov, Kazakstan, 1h59:13.50.
48, Dennis Looze, Netherlands, 2h00:23.80.


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