A Lesson Learned: Don’t Leave Home Without It… Your Pool, That Is

OSLO, Norway, February 23. FROM the northern latitudes of Norway comes this tale of strong-backed thieves and a luckless Norwegian family.

It seems the Nicolaysens failed to bolt their swimming pool down. They felt — naively, it turns out — that just because it was filled with water and in the ground, the pool was an unlikely target for thieves. Turns out, they were wrong.

According to Norwegian media reports, when the Nicolaysens visited their mountain cabin over the weekend, they discovered a big hole in the yard in place of the swimming pool that had been installed 20 years ago.

"This can't be,' we thought, Arild Nicolaysen told state radio network NRK on Monday. "We didn't think it was possible. No one can steal a swimming pool."

But someone did.

Sometime between early November — when the family closed up the cabin for the winter — and mid-February, someone took off with their 5-meter-diameter (16-foot-diameter) pool and all its equipment.

"It must have been a terrible job to disassemble such a big pool. There is a steel lining all the way around, plus there is a plastic liner and then there was a skimming system, a filter system and a lot of big hoses and pipes," said Brit Nicolaysen.

Local police said the theft was definitely a first.

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