New U.S. Olympians Begin Getting Traditional Olympic Ring Tattoos -- August 16, 2012

PHOENIX, Arizona, August 16. AS has become the tradition in the Olympic movement, new Olympians have been getting their Olympic Ring tattoos. The only difference in this Social Media world is that the swimming world gets minute-to-minute updates of when and where they are going to happen, along with pictures after they are done.

Jessica Hardy, who had one of the most dramatic rides to becoming an Olympian, thus earning the right within the ranks of Olympians to bear the rings, actually had some second thoughts about the tattoo. She asked her social media followers if she should get the tattoo before finally decided to do so. Hardy had the tattoo emblazoned on her right hip, where it could be easily hidden.

Meanwhile, Rachel Bootsma, who is now heading to UC-Berkeley for college after growing up and training in Minnesota, also received her tattoo yesterday. She placed her tattoo on her side near her ribs, another place that can be easily covered up when desired.

Missy Franklin has tweeted out that she is planning on getting her tattoo later today.

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Jessica Hardy Olympic Tattoo
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