David Guthrie
Courtesy of: Elizabeth Nowak
SHENANDOAH, Texas, March 31. KEVIN Cordes wasn't the only swimmer shredding through breaststroke records in Texas last weekend, as David Guthrie continued to raise the bar in Masters swimming at the South Central Zone short course championships.

Guthrie, 53, lowered two of his own U.S. Masters Swimming records in the 50-54 age group and added his name to a third one to lay claim to all three breaststroke marks in that age group. He started with an impressive 58.41 in the 100 breast, clipping his own record of 58.50 from last month's USA Swimming sectional meet.

Guthrie's white whale in this age group was Holden Bank's 50 breast national record of 26.98, but that quest ended on Sunday when Guthrie posted a 26.45. Notably, that's faster than the national record in the 45-49 age group, a 26.58 that Wally Dicks swam in 2008.

Finally, Guthrie raced in his specialty, the 200 breast, shattering his record of 2:10.76 with a 2:07.25. Guthrie took the race out hard, splitting 28.97 at the 50-yard mark and 1:01.42 at the 100. Guthrie's final two 50 splits remained consistent at 32.82 and 33.01.

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