Marriott USMS Summer Nationals: 15 More Records Toppled on Last Day of Meet -- July 8, 2012

OMAHA, Nebraska, July 8. KEVIN DOAK, Joy Ward, Betty Lorenzi and Steve West each lowered their third USMS or world record of the competition as the four-day USMS Summer Nationals wrapped up this afternoon. Eleven USMS records and four world records fell during today's session.

Mixed 120-159 200m Medley Relay
Phoenix Swim Club (Noriko Inada, Jeff Commings, Misty Hyman, Jose Ponce); 1:50.77 (USMS and world record)

*Previous USMS record 1:54.81, Dallas Aquatic Masters; previous world record 1:53.92, SV Wasserfreunde 1998

Men's 40-44 50m Breast
Steve West, 40, NOVA; 29.38 (USMS)
*Previous record 30.41, James Corbeau

Men's 60-64 50m Breast
Timothy Shead, 60, GOLD; 33.04 (USMS)
*Previous record 33.41, Robert Strand

Men's 65-69 50m Breast
Robert Strand, 66, ROSE; 34.66 (USMS)
*Previous record 35.00, Kenneth Frost

Women's 70-74 100m Back
Joy Ward, 70, OREG; 1:32.68 (USMS)
*Previous record 1:34.00, Joy Ward

Women's 85-89 100m Back
Betty Lorenzi, 85, FACT; 1:54.22 (world)
*Previous record 2:06.41, Bunny Cederland

Men's 65-69 100m Back
Hugh Wilder, 65, SRM; 1:09.79 (USMS and world)
*Previous records 1:11.32, Richard Burns

Women's 50-54 50m Fly
Lisa Dahl, 51, PNA; 30.34 (USMS)
*Previous record 30.72, Laura Val

Women's 60-64 50m Fly
Laura Val, 61, TAM; 32.27 (USMS)
*Previous record 32.81, Laura Val

Women's 70-74 50m Fly
Barbara Frid, 70, OREG; 40.81 (USMS)
*Previous record 41.26, Gail Roper

Men's 30-34 50m Fly
Kevin Doak, 31, MICH; 24.59 (USMS)
*Previous record 24.73, Oswald Quevedo

Men's 45-49 50m Fly
Nicholas Decker, 45, CAQM; 25.65 (USMS and world record)
*Previous records 25.90, Paul Smith

Results: USMS Summer Nationals

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