Bayard Rustin Head Coach Kenneth Fuller Arrested for Sexual Relations With a Minor -- May 17, 2012

WEST CHESTER, Pennsylvania, May 17. BAYARD Rustin High School head coach Kenneth Fuller was arrested yesterday and charged with sexual assault and corruption of a minor according to ABC News in the area.

Fuller is accused by prosecutors of having sex with a member of the swim team "on three separate occasions" between April 27 and May 2 away from school grounds. Prosecutors also state that Fuller first plied the minor with alcohol before having sexual relations with her. He also posed as the victim's father to get her excused from school for one of the liaisons.

Fuller, the head coach at Rustin, swam for West Chester Henderson and Marple Newtown as a prep went to Auburn before completing college as the team captain at Drexel University. He has also served as a coach at Pennypacker Country Club.

Responding to a request for information by Swimming World, USA Swimming stated that it has initiated an emergency Board of Review hearing on Fuller's case, as he is currently a member of USA Swimming.

"An emergency board of review convenes quickly, most usually in cases of criminal charges, and allows USA Swimming to take swift action on the membership status of the individual in question," USA Swimming's Jamie Olsen told Swimming World. "An emergency National Board of Review can suspend membership until a full Board of Review hearing can take place."

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