Purdue Morgan Burke
Courtesy of: Peter H. Bick
WEST LAFAYETTE, Indiana, February 1. LAST night, the Purdue Boilermakers opened up a two-day Big Ten Triple Duals competition with Wisconsin and Minnesota, and our own staff photographer Peter Bick was on hand to capture some of the best moments.

Bick, however, noticed something a bit different than normal when taking a peek at the people timing the meet. Purdue athletics director Morgan Burke, as pictured in both images in this article, definitely had a stop watch in his hand at the starting blocks.

So, Bick approached him curious what was happening, and Burke replied with something every single head coach of a swimming and diving program would hope to hear from their athletics director:

"Just doing what's needed. I work for them."

Kudos to Burke for being just the type of athletics director that helps sports like swimming thrive in the college culture where King Football and Basketball continue to threaten the basic landscape of the NCAA.