Vladimir Morozov to Represent Russia Through 2012, Unable to Gain U.S. Citizenship for 2012 Olympic Trials -- January 12, 2011

PHOENIX, Arizona, January 12. AFTER initially stating his desire to compete for the United States at the 2012 Olympic Games, Vladimir Morozov told SwimmingWorld.TV today that he will compete instead for his native Russia in international competitions, at least through 2012.

In an interview taped today for The Morning Swim Show, Morozov said the process to grant him U.S. citizenship could not be completed in time for the 2012 U.S. Olympic Trials. Though Morozov only spoke of the Olympics, it is likely he will represent his native country this summer at the world championships as well, since he still holds Russian citizenship.

Morozov, the male high school swimmer of 2010 for Swimming World Magazine who is now a freshman at the University of Southern California, expressed his desire to compete for the USA in an April 2009 interview. "I'd like to stay here (United States) for the rest of my life, so I'd like to represent America," Morozov said in that Morning Swim Show interview. Morozov and his mother emigrated to the United States about four years ago from Russia, where he began his swimming career in Siberia.

Morozov's announcement will add to the stable of strong sprinters for Russia, as that country increases its chances of winning the 400 freestyle relay at the world championships and the Olympics. Russia finished three-tenths of a second behind gold medalist United States at last year's FINA world championships in that event, and just missed out on gold at last month's short course worlds. At the 2008 Olympics, Russia finished ninth in the sprint relay.

Though Morozov's best time in the 100 long course freestyle is 49.06 from last summer's junior nationals, he has been improving in short course yards swimming since stepping onto campus at USC last fall, and told Peter Busch in today's interview that he aims to swim much faster this summer.

Watch the video player below to see Morozov talk about the decision to swim for Russia. The entire interview with Peter Busch will be available beginning at 2 a.m. Eastern time Monday, January 17, on and

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January 12, 2011 what a shame. but it's good he's at least swimming with someone. it would be bad to let that talent go to waste.
Submitted by: philipmj24
January 13, 2011 If he doe swim for Mother Russia @ London he;d have to compete for them @ '13 Worlds -- which I believe are in Moscow -- or else sit them out.

I understand his desire to compete @ Olympics/Worlds but @ some point might it not be more prudent to start sitting out and try and make sure he can become a U.S. citizen for Rio ('16)?

If he doee swim for Russia in '12 no guarantee he'd be a U.S. citisen four years later.

Tough choice.

And even if he does get U.S. ctizenship in time for Rio no guarantee he'll make team!
Submitted by: slickwillie32
January 13, 2011 It's not like the US government bureaucracy particularly cares about whether someone with a green card represents another country in international competition when it comes time to grant citizenship. (See Bernard Legat) IIRC, the usual path to citizenship time frame that doesn't require Congressional action makes Morozov eligible well before Rio.
Submitted by: selkie
January 13, 2011 Oh, I didn't realize that we were now pretending like swimming is a team sport?

Sit out '12 so that he can swim Worlds in '13? Seriously?
Submitted by: swimmingfan1212
January 13, 2011 All of the sudden, Morozov goes from an exciting swimmer to watch to, from an American perspective, a scary one. If he can keep developing so quickly, that Russian relay gets even more scary. Imagine if he wins the 4x100 free relay in two straight Olympics - 2012 for Russia and 2016 for the U.S. Certainly, he should win a medal for two different countries in two different Olympics if he does choose to sit out post-2012.

I would expect he sits his year out either right after London or right after 2012 Short Course Worlds in Turkey. He'll miss 2013 Worlds in Barcelona but be back in time to earn U.S. selection the next year. Plus, he'll still have his college career to focus on during the interlude. Maybe not this year, but he'll be an NCAA champ soon enough. And don't count out the possibility of him being in the 50 free final at Worlds/Olympics - by 2012 maybe even the 100.
Submitted by: David Rieder
January 13, 2011 Isn't there something MORE than a tad wrong with having Dave Salo train Katinka Hosszu and now Vladimir Morozov to beat our brains out @ the Worlds/Olympics?

It's bad enough that the guy @ Cal has to run a mini UN a la Schubert in hiw heydays @ Mission.

You don't see Bob Bowmamn training a bunch of foreigners, do you?

Or Skip Kenney or Eddie Reese?

'Merica for 'Mericans, no more and certainly NO LESS!

And to top it off Salo's recruited yet ANOTHER Rooskie to do his bidding this season, Coulapaev or somebody like that.

Whasamatter, Dave, can't you get no good 'Mericans to wear the cardinal and gold?

John McCain/Sarah Palin
Submitted by: slickwillie32
January 13, 2011 Man, I'd have a lot to say about what is wrong with everything you just posted slickwillie, but I know that furor moderator would wipe me out in no time flat for making a "personal attack."

But needless to say, you're wrong.
Submitted by: swimmingfan1212
January 13, 2011 BTW, Colupaev is German, not Russian. Also, the cold war is over.
Submitted by: swimmingfan1212
January 13, 2011 He made his decision on being able to swim at the highest level he can for 2012. if switches to USA for 2016 great. If he stays with Russia, it's great for the sport. The France vs US created a lot of hype at the olympics maybe now it can be a France vs US vs Russia and make even bigger hype. The choice was his, sitting on your computer saying this is 'Merica is going to change it. And Dave salo is growing the sport at USC when kids in the USA/Tunsia/Russia/japan/turkey and ect. see someone from their country win gold at the olympics it makes them want to join the sport. I still want America to be
Submitted by: bbrswimmer24
January 14, 2011 *number 1
Submitted by: Bbrswimmer24
January 14, 2011 Vlad wanted to swim for USA and get American citizenship but it wasn't happening in the timeframe for 2012 Olys. Salo is building a strong program both at USC and at Trojan Swim Club. It's not easy to break into that top elite swim "club" of the traditionally strong college teams esp in Pac-10. Trojans will be a team(s) to watch. Shanteau to Trojan Swim Club and watch for others to join him there as post grads.
Submitted by: Positive Energy
January 14, 2011 I disagree with Slick Willie. In order to maximize the excitement and pleasure of watching swimming at its best, I would like to see all swimmers reach their maximum legal potentials, regardless of where they train. The specific NCAA scholarship issue may be a somewhat thornier one for some, and I have seen rational arguments on both sides, but it seems to me that in general, the advantages of training foreign swimmers outweighs any disadvantages, in terms of growing the sport, fostering open communication, collaboration and good sportsmanship. To that end, I think it would be great to have more Chinese swimmers training in the U.S.
Submitted by: liquidassets
January 14, 2011 Go USC Trojans!! Fight On!!
They gravitate to Salo and Trojan swimming because of the reputation earned. Salo has developed a great mix of domestic and international talent on both the women's and men's teams and they push each other.
Both collegiate teams are moving up in the rankings and have promising young talent. The men's freshman class keeps them a team to watch.
slickwillie32 is way off base here.

Submitted by: topswimmer
January 14, 2011 My flippancy came off wrong.

I think it's great that Vlad is @ USC and Dave Salo will finally have a chance to prove his theories about sprint training with a guy who's potentially a world recod-setter.

The only thing is the more Morozov competes for Rusia the more difficult it will be for him to ever attain U.S. citizenship. And even were heto renounce his Russian ciizenshp the day after London concludes and applies for permanent rersidency, it takes several earsto get that green card.

Anyway, since swimming is such an international sport, I was merely being facetious about "'Merica for 'Mericans."

Every college sport from football to hockey to swimming to track to tennis to..what have you is populated with innumerable great foreign athletes and they do more to foster understanding and goodwill among current U.S. student-athletes and their fellow students in general and soon-to-be U.S, leaders in many instances than all the ambassadors @ UN headquarters combined.

USC has had a long snf very rich tradition of great foreign swimmers for more than a half-century, starting with [as far back as I can remember] Aussies Jon Konfads/Murray Rose in the late '50s/early '60s and going through Hungarian Tamas Kerekjarto in the early '00s to Olympic Champion Ouss Mellouli of a few moons ago and up to current Hungarian great/European Champion Katinka Hosszu.

Heck, even UNLV had a pretty good Hungarian female swimmer last several years (Zsuzana Jakabos) and the Runnun' Rebels also featured the daughter [Ana Dangalakova] of Bulgaris'a only Olympic swimming gold-medalist [Tnia], who won the 100 breast @ Seoul.

In the '60s the Gogolak brothers -- originally from Poland -- were star gridders for Princeton and introdced soccer-style field goal kicking here.

UCLA had the Escalas brothers, Rafael wining the 1650 for the Bruins in '81; Florida the Lopez-Zuberos [Julie, David, Martin] and all Richard Quick/Brett Hawke did @ Auburn was make a certrain Brazilian a double sprint world tecord-holder/World/Olympic champion, not to mention a certain female Zimbabwesn baclstroker who became a double Olympic gold-medcalist/wr-setter nd a pretty good French sprinter named Bsket or Biscuit or -- I know -- Bousquet!

And speaking of the university that features the naton's No, 1-ranked collegiaite football program...isn't their star Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Cam Newton from a foreign nation...(Georgia)?

Submitted by: slickwillie32
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Vladimir Morozov
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