Steve Lochte Resigns as Head Swim Coach at Daytona State College -- December 16, 2010

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida, December 16. STEVE Lochte has stepped down as head swimming coach at Daytona State College, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Lochte and his daughter, Kristin, had been placed on administrative leave since Dec. 2, while the school investigated reports of misconduct among students that included positive drug tests for marijuana, weapons possession and posting racially-charged posters on the walls of the swimming pool.

Additionally, the school expressed concerns over Steve Lochte's recent DUI arrest and the swim team's grade point average. Under the terms of the resignation, Steve Lochte will receive pay through April 15, while Kristin Lochte will remain on the staff in an administrative position through March. She will have the option to remain at the school through the end of her contract in June.

Swimming World has learned that Lochte will continue to work closely with his USA Swimming club team, Daytona Beach Speed. Though Lochte's son, Ryan, helped his father raise funds for the college team, Ryan Lochte had little to no involvement in the operation of the college team and was never a part of the college's investigation.

Daytona Beach News-Journal report

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