Mark Schubert Out At USA Swimming; USA Swimming Confirms Separation With Release -- November 17, 2010

Updated November 16 with official statement from USA Swimming

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, November 13. IN a move that has been anticipated for several weeks, National Team Head Coach Mark Schubert and USA Swimming have parted ways according to the Associated Press. Three days later, USA Swimming made the separation public with an official statement.

"I continue to have the highest admiration and respect for Mark Schubert and for his accomplishments and contributions to the sport," USA Swimming Executive Director Chuck Wielgus said in his Nov. 16 statement. "I am saddened by this parting of ways as I was the one who sought out and recruited Mark for the job at USA Swimming. I know Mark still has much to give to the sport he loves and wish him the best in his future endeavors."

Three days prior, Wielgus informed his Board of Directors about the decision in an e-mail obtained by the AP on Friday.

"We have gone through a challenging transition with the leadership of the National Team program in recent months, and Mark Schubert is no longer the National Team Head Coach," Wielgus wrote as quoted by the AP.

Swimming World contacted USA Swimming at the time of first receiving a copy of the aforementioned e-mail, and was assured through Wielgus that Schubert's status had not changed and a statement would be released early next week. With contradicting statements from USA Swimming, Swimming World chose to not run with the story at the time.

"Obviously, there is more to this story and we intend to get to the bottom of it over the next few days," Swimming World Publisher Brent Rutemiller said.

Schubert initially took a leave of absence on Sept. 15 in the middle of USA Swimming's annual convention. At that time, credible sources told Swimming World that his leave of absence had nothing to do with USA Swimming's ongoing struggles with the sexual abuse issues that have plagued the organization this year. This latest development is still considered to have nothing to do with the sexual abuse issues.

Former USA Swimming President Jim Wood remains at his interim post as National Team Leader. USA Swimming will begin looking for a new National Team Director, hopefully to be named by the spring of 2011.

Full text of AP article.

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November 13, 2010 I don't like how all of this transpires behind closed doors. The athletes, coaches, and all members of USA Swimming deserve to know what's going on. There's no accountability or transparency.
Submitted by: ShortChange
November 13, 2010 Eesh. Guess that's what you get for taking Chuck Wielgus' word for anything...Fox News ain't got nothing on his spin machine!

Not ShortChaange-we're supposed to just take their word for everything and blindly throw more money at the National Team athletes and everyone else in the National organization because they work harder than the rest of us and gosh darn it they deserve it!
Submitted by: GigEmAggies
November 14, 2010 It is obviously a hostile removal or "political assassination" in my opinion.

There has been no press releases as to "what a great guy he is, sorry to see him go", BLAH, BLAH BLAH! What we are seeing is fast, harsh, and under the surface whispers.

A lot of people want to know including lawyers and swimmers.
Submitted by: Groovydoo
November 14, 2010 Two words....SHA, DY.
Submitted by: CAcoach
November 15, 2010 Such a well-run NGB, USA Swimming. I guess there are some downsides to be an employment service for long in the tooth coaches.
Submitted by: fever
November 15, 2010 This might sound like a dumb question, but shouldn't someone start a petition asking why Schubert was fired before they start a petition to get him rehired?
Submitted by: GigEmAggies
November 16, 2010 GigEmAggies,
I think you are right. However, there doesn't appear to be any enlightening statements from either party including Schubert as to the reason for his removal. Does he want to be reinstated? All seems rather strange.
Submitted by: scotswim
November 16, 2010 it sounds like lawyers are involved and maybe both parties have been told to keep their mouths shut. I agree that maybe we need more answers before jumping on board with a petition, but I don't think we are gonna get any soon.
Submitted by: The Screaming Viking!
November 16, 2010 Next please
Submitted by: clubcoach
November 16, 2010 You're probably right Viking, gag orders gag orders everywhere! What confuses me is that, either way, why don't they give us SOMETHING. I'm sure they're allowed to say "A gag order has been put on us." Or if not, then they need to address the issue. Thanks to the world of the internet and all of the swim sites that are popping up (like this one and yours), this is just going to grow and grow and snowball until people literally show up at the front door of the USA Swimming offices asking to speak with Chuck. I don't know why they still think they can just sweep these things under the rug...this isn't your father's swimming community anymore.
Submitted by: GigEmAggies
November 16, 2010 Well Gee Chuck, thanks for that! We'll be sure to stop wondering about what happened now.
Submitted by: GigEmAggies
November 16, 2010 It was perceived; (by me anyway), that he was trying to unionize the swimmers. (Who knew the rat had a soul?)
Submitted by: Groovydoo
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of Swimming World Magazine or

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Mark Schubert
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