NCAA Division I Men's Championships: California Wins 400 Medley Relay With Pool Record; Texas Takes Day One Lead -- March 26, 2010

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, March 26. CALIFORNIA finished the night with a second relay conquest, this time with a pool record in the 400 medley relay.

Cal's Guy Barnea (46.49), Damir Dugonjic (50.91), Tom Shields (44.54) and Nathan Adrian (40.89) crushed the field in the event with a pool record time of 3:02.83. That effort demolished its 3:05.51 set during prelims. The win is Cal's third ever in the event with back-to-back triumphs in 1978 and 1979. Peter Rocca, D. Graham Smith, Par Arvidsson and Jim Fairbank won with a 3:18.26 in 1978, while Rocca, Smith, Arvidsson and Pelle Holmetz clocked a 3:15.22 to win in 1979.

"It really feels good," Adrian said. "We came here to do our best, even if we came in somewhat as underdogs. Our team is really together. It feels great to accomplish what we did today."

Auburn's Pascal Wollach (46.20), Adam Klein (51.99), Tyler McGill (45.39) and Gideon Louw (41.66) took second in 3:05.24, 2.41 seconds behind Cal. Ohio State and Stanford own the largest margins of victory in the event with matching wins of 4.40 seconds. OSU beat Princeton, 3:37.6 to 3:42.0, in 1962, while Stanford trumped Michigan, 3:07.28 to 3:11.68, in 1995.

Stanford's Eugene Godsoe (44.93), Curtis Lovelace (52.06), Bobby Bollier (46.88) and Robert Andrews (41.54) rounded out the top three in 3:05.41. Notably, Godsoe moved up 13th to sixth all time in the 100 back with a sterling leadoff of 44.93. He joined just five other swimmers to have eclipsed 45 seconds in the event.

Texas picked up big points with a fifth-place 3:06.08 from Hill Taylor, Scott Spann, Ricky Berens and Jimmy Feigen. The finish pushed Texas to a day one tally of 145 points to hold a slim lead over California. Cal owned second heading into day two with 139 points, while Florida (118) and Auburn (114.5) were third and fourth. Stanford (106) held fifth at the end of the day.

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March 26, 2010 Looks like AZ and STAN possibly affected by illness. Stanford just slightly off on most events, touched out for higher places on relays, 7th and 8th in 50, Bollier/Thompson DQ'd in 500/2IM. Bolliers fly leg also hurt them on the 400MR, wonder if he was sick. Here's hoping all teams fully recuperated tomorrow. Go Cal !
Submitted by: liquidassets
March 26, 2010 Actually TX would likely be higher too. Berens slightly off, no swimmers in the 500, etc.
Submitted by: liquidassets
March 26, 2010 Scott Spann's split of 51.42 was the second fastest breaststroke split behind Dugonjic and ahead of Titus and Klein. I think he will be top three in the 100 and maybe win the 200. Definitely some good news for Texas there. Surhoff's looking good, especially for the 200 back, but we still don't know about Walters...
Submitted by: David Rieder
March 26, 2010 Anyine notice the humunguus error in the results of the 50 free?

Surely NOBODY believes that a giu from the Big East (The Big East? St. John's? Niagara? Mfist? Gergetown?) beat the deending NCAA Champ and -- AND -- the uy who swam on the U.S.' gold-medal winning 400 ffree relay @ THE OLYMPICS:

C'mon, now, I mean Josh Schneider's a nice guy and all that but BEATNG Nathan Adrian -- NATHAN ASRIAN!!! -- in the 50 free?

April 1's not 'till next week, fellas.

I hear The Big O called and cngratuated him on his amazing fat. First and ONLY big East swimmer of either sex to win an NCAA swimming title I'm pretty certain. No se about diving titles.

Wonder if the new Cincinnati football coach'll offer Schneider a tryout @ wr/running back this fal? He had another year of eligiblity if he wants to use it.

Conor Dwyer, winner of 500 free, swam for Iowa last season. Only Hawyeke to win an NCAA event in last 30 years is Artur Wojdat, who coincidentally won 500 for the Hawyeyes from 1989 through '92 -- the race's only fourpeater.

UCLA's Brian Goodell is Ni. 2 w/three titles from '77 through '79.

Dwyer is second Gator and third SEC swimmer to win the 500. Gergia's Sebastian Roualt won ttw years ag and Los Angeles Olympian Matt Ctlinskii won for Florida in 1986.

Mark Spitz even wn once -- his freshman year @ Indiana in 1969.

Submitted by: slickwillie32
March 27, 2010 Ausn Surhof first Longhorn since Nate Dusing in 2001 to win 200IM and only second Texas swimmer ever.

When Dusing won his time -- 1:4285 -- was an American/NVAA record that lasted until broken by Auburn's George Bovell [142.66) two yarss later.

Hwever, since Bovell was a native of Trinidad
Submitted by: slickwillie32
March 27, 2010 slick, are you drunk?
Submitted by: JakedBadForYou
March 27, 2010 As usual Slickwille you never let facts get in the way of your story (but that is nothing new)....Lisa Flood of Villanova won the 200 breaststroke and of course Villanova was an original Big East conference member.
Submitted by: swim3057
March 27, 2010 I've never seen such amounts of spelling errors, bad humor and factual slip-ups in one place since the merry days of drunk texts from my college buddies
Submitted by: JakedBadForYou
March 27, 2010 Really just one thing to say again!
" Hook Em American Horns"
Best of luck today! Keep that lead A GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Submitted by: swimfan3
March 27, 2010 My apolgies to Villanova's Lisa Flood.

She is first Big East swimmer to win an individual NCAA title -- the 200 breast in 1992 (2{11.78).

Villanova's Mzddie Crippen, Teresa's, Fran's and Claire's sister, won NCAA 400 IM in 1999 when mret was held @ Georgia.

I think it is safe to say Josh Schneider first Big East man to win NCAAs.

Shr is Wildcats' only NCAA titlest.
Submitted by: slickwillie32
March 27, 2010 The last line on the above submission somehow got picked up from swmething else I wrote and is obviously an error and should be disregarded.

I ain't THAT dumb (although apparently not a few of you out there have you suspicions).
Submitted by: slickwillie32
March 28, 2010 I don't post on here much, but I've got say something. Right around the time of the suit controversy, I started seeing some very mean-spirited comments on here. I figured it was the "hot topic" at hand, but the mean-spiritedness continues towards somebody who really contributes a lot to this site.
JakedBadForYou, it's really sad to see you post such ugly comments toward SlickWillie. Not just here, but under other stories on the site. Yes, there are spelling errors, but you can assume that most of us are at least as intelligent as you, and can see the errors for ourselves. Perhaps we just don't feel the need to point out flaws in others. Some of us just appreciate the information and can overlook the errors.
I don't know, I guess I'm just not used to seeing the typical internet insults and snide comments on this particular site. Continue to flame, bash, and do what you need to do. Perhaps SlickWillie is an aquaintance of yours (I'm amazed that he takes your hurtful comments in stride), or perhaps he doesn't want to engage your mean-spiritedness, but shame on you either way.
I'm a member of a popular airline enthusiast website, and there is a gentleman who posts on there often using a sign language computer translator. Sometimes his posts have errors or words out of order. Until he wrote in his signature that he was using the system and trying his best, a few people would write the meanest, ugliest things.
I'm (fairly) certain that this isn't the case with SlickWillie, but you may want to consider that such circumstances exist before being so hurtful.

SlickWillie, it is great to see someone so fascinated with the history of our sport. Keep up the posts and info, and thanks for all you do.
Submitted by: Hodori88
March 28, 2010 Hodori88, lighten up. Anonymous comments on the internet should be taken accordingly. If you find my comments to be hurtful, mean-spirited, evil etc, that's your perspective.

All I'm saying is, it would really fit slick's image of a walking swimming encyclopedia if he would make less errors, spelling and fact-wise.

As far as the suits go, yes I'm still against them and I'm glad to not have to worry how much of any given performance was down to the suit. Nothing mean-spirited about that. Just found some of the arguments for the suits to be truly sad and discomforting.
Submitted by: JakedBadForYou
March 28, 2010 Jaked.... Didn't mean to make it sound like you were responsible for all of the negative comments since the suit controversy 'surfaced' (no pun intended). It's just about that time that this website went from a more mature (see: civil) place in which to ask/answer questions, to a more "IMDB/Facebook teenager put-down comments" kind of site.

Perhaps you're right, and anonymous comments should be taken lightly, but I don't want the people who post valid, thoughtful, insightful information on here to be chased off because somebody wants to enquire as to the status of their perceived inebriation, or put them down because of their spelling.

Actually, a lot of the opinions and information you have posted on this site are quite interesting, and we agree on the suit issue 100. But for some reason, it just makes me cringe when you give SlickWillie such a hard time....
Submitted by: Hodori88
March 28, 2010 No problem, man... I also am 100 for a civil discussion. Immaturity should be washed away with the suits! ;-)

And I don't want to give slick too hard a time. His Top Times lists are quite interesting although FILLED with errors and (IMO) useless information that sometimes takes away from the credibility of them and just makes them harder to read... Random comments on one time being an SEC record/fastest conference championship time/fastest on California soil/fastest in the Southern hemisphere, while another one is left commentless.

Plus I don't his sense of humor is at all funny (Brendan Hansen wearing 5000 lbs weights around his Prince Albert etc), but that's totally just my opinion!
Submitted by: JakedBadForYou
March 28, 2010 Speaking of the aforesaid Mr. Hansen, during the run-upt to the 2007 World Championshps the U.S. held a training camp in Austrailia, and Hansen was observed coaching/giving Tara Kirk tips.

(I would add: "so presumably he was hoding her ankles from behind and guiding her along on her AR 100 yard breast swim @ Austin four yearrs ago" but I guess yo wouldn't see the humor in tha eithert.)
Submitted by: slickwillie32
March 28, 2010 Well, the fact that Brendan would give a teammate advice is unheard of and really shows his sportsmanship?

aaaaaand I'm pretty sure holding anyone's ankles in a race would only slow them down. Sorry, your humor is too advanced for me. Good day, sir
Submitted by: JakedBadForYou
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2010MNCAADI  California wins the 400 medley relay diving at the 2010 Men's NCAA Swimming & Diving Championships.
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