Hershey, David Nolan Clock National High School Records - Video Included -- March 19, 2010

LEWISBURG, Pennsylvania, March 19. HERSHEY and David Nolan clocked a pair of national high school records at the PIAA High School Championships tonight.

Nolan crushed the 200 IM national record with a scorching time of 1:43.43. That swim beat the overall and public school record of 1:44.55 set by Kyle Whitaker of Chesterton High in Indiana last month. Matt Thompson's independent record of 1:45.27 set for Jesuit in 2009 remained in the ledger. Nolan's previous best time as recorded by USA Swimming was a 1:46.26 set at the 2009 Short Course National Championships.

Event 3 Boys 200 Yard IM

NFHS: N 1:46.31 2004 BRADLEY ALLY - FL
PIAA: S 1:47.80 3/11/2009 DAVID NOLAN, Hershey
NF Hon. Roll: H 1:53.00
Name Year School Prelims Finals Points
Championship Final
1 NOLAN, DAVID 11 HERSHEY 1:50.41 1:43.43N 20
22.47 25.17 30.70 25.09

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Hershey's team of Nolan (21.82), Kyle Ruddle (26.58), Sean Grier (21.40) and Jeffrey Young (20.47) posted a 1:30.27 in the 200-yard medley relay. That performance wiped out the national public school record of 1:31.25 set by The Woodlands' in 1999. The Bolles School's overall record, and independent school mark, of 1:29.79 set in 2009 remained on the books.

Event 1 Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay
NFHS: N 1:31.22 2000 ST. XAVIER- OH
PIAA: S 1:31.87 3/17/2010 HERSHEY, Hershey
D Nolan, M Veith, S Grier, J Young
NF Hon. Roll: H 1:36.20
School Prelims Finals Points
Championship Final
1 HERSHEY 1:31.87 1:30.27N 40
21.82 26.58 21.40 20.47

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March 19, 2010 Assuming David Nolan hasn't turned 17 yet he's now holder of the 15-16 NAG 200 yard IM record with ths swim.

Old record: 1:46.30 by the event's current world record-holder/double-defeding Olympic champion from 2002.
Submitted by: slickwillie32
March 23, 2010 Slickwillie32, I love everything you do for the sport and the comments you leave here so I don't want to come off as critical. The world record holder and the double defending Olympic champion are actually two separate people ... Ryan Lochte for the first, Phelps for the second.
Submitted by: teamwiess
March 23, 2010 Picky. Picky! PICKY!!!

You mean like this?

Top 2120 Performances
1:54.10** Ryan Lochte, USA/Florida World Championships, Rome
(Splits: 24.72, 53.20 [28.48], 1:26.28 [33.08],1:54.10 [27.82].
(Reaction Timr: +0.71.
(Note: 2007 World Champion/world record-setter, 200 meter backstroke. Btoke record and won gold @ Beijing
Olympics following year.
(Note: first Gator gold-medalist/wr-setter. Lochte was runner-up in '07 [1:56.18].
(Note: U.S. Open/American record-holder, 200 yard back/Ind. Medley. 2005-‘06 NCAA Swimmer of Year)
(Note: world record-holder, 2008 World Champion [scm], 100-200 IMs, Manchester.
(Note: first time since June 29, 2003 that American Michael Phelps has NOT held the world-record. Phelps initially set it @ Santa Clara Invitational [1:57.94] and has held it since, including golds @ 2003, '05 & ‘07
World Championships & ‘04/'08 Olympics. Lochte first American other than Phelps to set wr since Dave
Wharton, former USC NCAA champ, did it @ 1989 Pan-Pac Championships with his 2:00.11.
(Note: Southestern Conference/Gator record!
(Note: Lochte turned 25 four days later [08/03])
..However, he had little time to celebrate, returniing to the pool @ 5 a.m.the following morning, saying: "Play time's over. Now I'm ready to start focusing on the Olympics. I plan on winning 11 golds @ London, the 50-100-200 frees, both backstrokes, both flys, 200 IM and anchor ALL three relays. That'll give me tres mas than YOU KNOW WHO @ you know where!"
"You know who" reportedly replied: "Quit while you're ahead, kid. Get out while the getting's still good!"
1:54.23# Michael Phelps, USA Olympics Beijing 08-15-08
(Splits: 24.59, 53.40 [28.81], 1:26.90 [33.50], 1:54.23 [27.33])
(Note: first man to set back-to-back world records @ consecutrive Olympics. Second man to defend title. Hungary's Tamas Darnyi [Seoul, 1988; Barcelona, 1992] only other swimmer to win a pair of golds. Darnyi won @ Seoul in 2:00.17, breaking his wr of 2:00.56 from previous year's European Championships. Three years later [1991 World Champinships @ Perth] he became first man under 2:00.0 when he won in 1:59.36.
(Note: Phelps' margin of victory – 2.29 seconds – greatet in Olympic history.
(Note: Phelps first man under 1:58.0, [1:57.94, Santa Clara, ‘03]; first under 1:57.0 [1:56.04, '03 World
Championships, Barcelona]; first under 1:56.0 [1:55.94, U.S. Nationals, ‘03]; first umder 1:55.0 [1:54.89, World
Champkionshipos, Melbourne, 2007]. His eight wrs in event are most-ever and double the four of Canadian
Alex Baumann), whose four are No. 2 all-time.
(Note: Phelps' reign as world record-holder lasted six years and one month [06/29/03 to 07/29/09], longest

Submitted by: slickwillie32
March 24, 2010 Exactly like that ;-)
Submitted by: teamwiess
March 24, 2010 No mention of his performance in the 100 free? This guy went off!!!
Submitted by: stoobie
March 24, 2010 This was just the national record report. We did a separate report about the entire meet here:
Submitted by: Jason Marsteller
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